Yes Ebola Can be Contained but Only If Experts Know It’s Here

Ebola Contained

What Happens When No One Knows it is here Though

“Federal agents working the Southern Border and their families exposed to lice, scabies, tuberculosis and chicken pox”, report says (Winter, 2014).

Do you suppose that the agents would intentionally expose themselves and ultimately their family, their children to these diseases and ailments, no of course not? This means they did not know they were being exposed. If they cannot figure out someone has chickenpox or tuberculosis, and protect themselves, how can they possibly know someone has Ebola and then take the proper precautions.

When will the Ebola virus come across the Southern Borders is the next question.

On top of all that, Emory Hospital in Atlanta is set to receive an Ebola patient. The medical care is much better here increasing the chances of survival according to most experts. Using this rational then all Ebola patients should be here, which of course would create a crisis that would essentially be uncontrollable.

Let us all hope no one carries this logic forward. The fact is the mortality rate would be lower if the medical facilities were better equipped in the countries where the current outbreak is. Given all this, is there another crisis looming?

Time to Get Serious about Your Preps and keep Your head Straight

Experts tell us that the Ebola virus is not airborne, in other words, you cannot “breathe in” the virus. This makes sense because if it were airborne more people would be infected and it would have been worldwide by now. The virus has been around supposedly since 1976.

This does not mean you take any chances, and take what others tell you at face value, expert or not, precautions must be taken. It is troubling that the two American doctors now fighting for their life contracted the disease given all of their training and preventative measures. You would have to assume they took every precaution, had all of the protective gear on, and yet still became infected this should tell us something.

Stay informed, pay attention to what is around you, and make sure you are prepared for quarantines and possibly even Martial Law (a remote possibility). This means you will not be able to travel, and children will have to be in the home with you at all times. This will take some preparations and now is the time to start.

There are rumors that the virus or this strain of it can be transmitted by air, there are five strains of the Ebola virus, and four of them are deadly to humans but they are not airborne viruses. You have to have contact with body fluids. There is no vaccine, no cure in other words. The disease until this point has been in very remote areas and victims die quickly making it difficult for experts to reach the areas and conduct the necessary studies. Maybe things will change going forward.

The biggest fear is fear of the unknown. You do not know if the virus is here in the United States and you cannot blindly trust anyone these days in particular politicians. As citizens, we are not told everything, and that is to keep some of us from over reacting.

People will panic and create a bigger problem and much of it will have to do with not having information, because the authorities are afraid to tell the citizens the truth.

However, you do not need anyone to tell you this is a problem now, and may turn into a crisis later. Prepare for the crisis, obviously, it is better to be prepared and not need those preparations then it is to wait until there is panic in the streets.

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