Your Life Your Survival Your Responsibility or Is It?

Self Sufficiency

We pay taxes, and thus we expect something in return, but what exactly. The tax system is so muddled that most of us no longer have any idea of what to expect from our government. What exactly are our taxes that we work hard to pay being used for, do we know, do we care, and dare we ask?

Some people expect free collage, free cell phones, free housing, electric bills paid, free heating oil, free food, and the lists of freebies grow bigger by the day. Some today, even expect to live their entire lives without hearing a harsh word, they denounce any phrase, or any look, or any item or symbol that may offend them.

They are sheltered and mollycoddled to the point they have no idea of the realities of real life, of real survival, in the real world. In their minds, in their sheltered world, they are not responsible for their own lives. They are not responsible for anything but to consume what is handed to them free of charge.

Cradle to grave care, similar to socialism or even communism where the government tells you where to live, where to work, where to shop, and how much money you can make. How much and what type of food you can eat, or what kind and how much alcohol you can buy and what cars you are allowed to own or drive. They even control your speech.

Extremes on both sides of the debate, and then there are the rest of us, in the middle. Some of us hate the fact that we have to rely on the government for anything, but we know we have too to some extent.

Most of us realize we need schools, good roads, safe bridges and the food sold in restaurants and grocery stores needs to be inspected. The cars we drive must meet certain safety standards, our children’s toys must be free of poisons and safe for children to play with. Our clothes need to be free of toxins, and our soaps, paints, and lotions not contaminated with lead.

Some if not many people understand they cannot do it themselves. They cannot be completely independent and still survive. They cannot grow enough food, or raise enough livestock. They cannot get to work unless the roads are plowed unless the rivers are dammed up to prevent flooding every spring.

We all need safe drinking water, and need ambulances, firefighters, and police officers to show up during an emergency. Most of us need our household garbage hauled away once a week, we need working sewer systems in many cases, and we all need things to work that we have paid for with our taxes, but do we expect too much.

Self Sufficiency is Discouraged in This Country

The more dependent the citizens are on their government the more powerful the government becomes. A government should need its citizens more than the citizens need their government. The government should fear its citizens much more than the citizens fear their government.

In the suburbs you are living cheek to jowl or as the British say cheek by jowl. No room to grow your own food, no room to raise livestock. You have room for one freezer/refrigerator in the house and maybe one in the garage. Even if you could raise enough livestock and produce to feed your family where would you store your bounty? The local grocery stores certainly do not want you raising your own food, how would they survive if everyone raised their own food.

The public utility companies do not want you digging your own water wells, or putting up wind turbines just so you can stop paying them every month for water and electric. You cannot bury or burn your own household waste, the local waste management companies would go out of business if you did.

You have to pay for sewer service, so you cannot build your own latrine out back because the local municipality needs your money to stay in business. Every business and every local government it seems discourages self-sufficiency, and some cities and towns even pass laws to make it illegal to be self-sufficient in some cases.

No Matter How Much We Pay In Taxes the Government Can Not Do It All

No matter what certain groups of people expect from their government, the government will fail them at some point. The attack in Paris is an example, a horrific example. The police and intelligence agencies could not stop fanatics from strapping on bomb belts, and detonating them in front of a soccer stadium, could not stop gunmen from entering a rock concert and murdering people, and they could not stop the shooters from driving by a restaurant and opening fire on the patrons dining out front.

People go to work, assuming the roads are safe, that the police will stop a crazed gunman from walking into an office building, their office building and opening fire. The police and intelligence agencies will stop planes from crashing into apartment buildings, into office buildings and they will stop bombs from getting on airliners, so people do not fall from the sky.

Our government in this country could not stop 9/11, the Fort Hood attack, and the attacks on military recruitment centers. It cannot stop restaurants from serving bacteria laden foods, it cannot stop other countries from contaminating food that is imported and served in a restaurant down the street or sold in a local grocery store.

Instead of wondering what the government can do for you, maybe you start wondering what you can do for yourself. It has to be done in steps, and you do have to realize that regardless of what you do, you will need the government for some things, but how much you rely on it is up to you. You cannot get the government out of your life, but you can reduce the impact it has on your life.