Police Say You’re On Your Own


Someone is breaking into your home; you have a duty to  protect yourself and your family, but with response times as unreliable as they are, as you’ll soon learn in this video, your safety is not guaranteed. According to Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clark who was interviewed for this video, it takes 20 minutes on average for law enforcement to respond to an armed robbery and 59 minutes on average to respond to a sexual assault. And, according to various police officers interviewed, that’s only if there’s no traffic and/or they’re not “tied up”!  So what do you do between the time you call 9-1-1 and the police finally arrive? Officers interviewed  from North Carolina to New York offer various suggestions, such as “make noise”; “arm yourself with bleach”; “pretend to be on the phone” or “make sure your doors are locked and hope for the best”.  The consensus amongst the officers interviewed… “you’re on your own”!  Watch the full video below to hear what Project Veritas investigators found concerning law enforcements ability to protect the general public when called in response to a potentially violent attack, and then draw your own conclusions.  All I can say after watching this video is that I’m thankful to have a permit and a loaded gun! So what would you do? Watch the video below and share your comments on our fb page! For additional information visit www.ProjectVeritas.com.