How to Make a 60 lb PVC longbow (Simplified)

PVC Long Bow

Here is one of the better video’s I found on youTube from Themanscave that will show you how to build a 60 lb. PVC longbow. This is an updated version that is a lot easier to build than his prior bow. There is also a second video that shows you how to add some accessories to the PVC bow and make it awesome, so check out the videos below and make one for yourself.

Parts list:

  • 5′ x 3/4 schedule 40 pvc pipe
  • 2 – 5′ Fiberglass Rods – Available at farm supply places like Cal Ranch or IFA.
  • Roll of athletics tape or duct tape.
  • 5/8″ ID Heater Hose
  • 56 Inch Bowstring
  • Bow sights (optional)