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How to Make an Arrowhead From a Spoon

Spoon Arrowhead

Knowing how to improvise an arrowhead could come in handy, I only listed the tools below that you would need to make this by hand. You could easily use a cutting disc or bench grinder to make this arrowhead also.

Tools Required:


Hack Saw

Tin Snips



First you will need a spoon.


Next place the spoon on a flat surface and flatten with a hammer.

Flattened Spoon

Next mark out the shape of the arrow and cut it with tin snips or hack saw.

Cut Spoon

Next sharpen the arrow with a file.

Sharpened Spoon Arrowhead

The last step is to cut off the handle of the spoon, making sure to leave enough to mount to your arrow.

Spoon Arrowhead Finished

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