How close are we to civil unrest or anarchy?

Civil Unrest Anarchy

In some cities at certain times, we have advanced from civil disobedience or civil unrest to violence to anarchy. When protesters can shut down major highways and roads and get away with it and then get invited to the White House, you know things are spiraling out of control. What final straw will break the camel’s back, what catalyst will cause discontent and violence to spread to areas in which they are not accustomed?

Will those that created the chaos soon become the ones that will protest when the system breaks down? A system they had strived to destroy. Will they be there with their hands out wanting help once things go past the point of no return? When you cause a system to fail you cannot turn around and then complain about how the system no longer works for you.

What Can You Do?

Well, the easiest and smartest solution would be to move out of town. Most people can’t do this, however. Jobs are nearby, and the expense of moving is not something many could afford.

If you can’t move away, then you have to do what you can in place. Fortify, and harden your structure, in other words, protect what you have.

Avoiding conflict is important. If you know, there are demonstrators out and about stay away from the area then. If you have vacation days, or sick days take them so you don’t have to go to work. Losing a day’s wage is hard, but losing your life, or having your car destroyed or becoming injured is even worse.

Rubbernecking the scene is a good way of getting caught up in something you can’t handle. Police will be on high alert and you could end up in cuffs or worse. Do not add to the problems already there. Trying to go to work knowing the bridges and roads are blocked by protesters is just folly on your part. Use common sense, and set your ideology aside and do what you need to do to survive the day or days of turmoil.

Mob mentality rules, this is a common phenomenon and it is a dangerous one because sheep will walk off the cliff following their appointed leader. Stay away and think for yourself. Look to your family first. The mob won’t help you survive, they won’t be there to bail you out of jail or to help fix your car, they won’t bring you food and water, and they will disappear to create havoc somewhere else as soon as it gets too rough for them.

It’s important that you have enough supplies in your home to survive for days or weeks in some cases. There are so many possible threats it is impossible to prepare for each individually, so don’t try. Just be prepared to hunker down for as long as it takes. Bugging-out is probably not an option unless you had several days notice and could pack your vehicles and get out of town before the city shuts down.

If you tried to bug-out during the Dallas massacre how far do you think you would get. In Nice, France, a supposed terrorist used a large truck to kill over 70 people that had gathered for a national celebration. What if something like this happened tomorrow in your city, could you leave, not likely, so you do have to be prepared to shelter in place? Stores and roads could be shut down for days, access blocked to certain areas of the city or town. You may not be able to go to work, to school, or to the grocery store.

As Preppers you have to adapt to the changing threats, the old threats are still there, however. Threats like nuclear war, armed conflict with another country and cyber attacks that shut the grid down, but more likely in the short-term are situations like Orlando Florida, Nice France, Dallas Texas, and San Bernardino CA. and so on down the list. These come without warning, so you do have to be prepared to react quickly and change plans for that day, or for that week until the dust settles somewhat. This means you have to be prepared to stay home and to do this you need supplies on hand.