Conflicted The Survival Card Game Review

Some of you may be wondering what a card game can do for you in a survival situation. It is not about what the card game can do, but about what decisions you would make during a crisis.

The game is designed around situations/scenarios that will arise when the world has turned chaotic.

The game presents you with a series of what ifs. The Conflicted Card Game will get you thinking, and when played with a group it allows you to know what others are thinking and how they will react in certain situations as well.

The assumption going into the game is that the rule of law has been suspended. You will be placed in various situations and asked a series of questions. You will be asked what you would do when a particular problem arises. The game is designed to help you understand that decisions have to be made and to consider the ramification of those decisions. Keep in mind there are not any law enforcement personnel anywhere and the government is non-existent.

Conflicted the Survival Card Game is not a game where winner and losers are determined at the end of the game. The game is designed to get you thinking about real world scenarios and the conflicts that will arise within your own mind and the mind of others. Conflicts that must be dealt with if you are to survive.

Prepper groups are now using the game as a tool to interview people that want to join the group. You have to realize that a major catastrophe will create a lawless society in the short-term and maybe even for years to come, so you have to evaluate those around you carefully. You simply do not know how people will react during a crisis unless you have been through one with them.

Groups and individuals will have decisions to make. Your morality and sense of right and wrong will enter the picture and it may be tested. Hard decisions will have to be made in the days after a crisis, decisions that not only affect you but your entire group.

Conflicted the Survival Card Game is ideal for those being introduced to prepping by their friends and associates. When people not familiar with prepping begin playing, they soon realize just how important prepping is and that it is not a fad or a game people play on the weekends. People playing the game soon understand that what decisions they make will have an impact on their survival when the SHTF.

When placed in a situation your first reaction may surprise you. You have to analyze your instinctive answers carefully. Others will be analyzing your answers as well to determine if you are compatible with the group.

It is not so much that groups have to have one mind but their goals must be the same. How to achieve those goals must be relatively the same as well. If your first instinct is to shoot first and ask questions later then that is important for others to know.

Some experts will tell you that humans have a survival gene coded in their DNA, and that the will to survive overrides all other instincts and humans will do what it takes to survive no matter what. However, this theory has been challenged hundreds of times on the battlefield and elsewhere because soldiers will literally throw themselves on hand grenades to save their fellow soldiers. Parents will run into burning homes to save their children knowing their own life is in peril. People will jump in front of speeding trains to save a stranger, so you decide is there a gene or not.

Play the game and you may find out what you would do if you saw a complete stranger in a dangerous situation. You will be presented with situations that require an immediate reaction. The decisions that must be made may strain your own sense of morality. You must remember decisions during a crisis will be made at the individual as well as at the group level.

Once you have played the game you may determine you would be one of those that puts your life in peril to save others. Other players may find out they will do whatever it takes to survive even at the expense of others.

The game is revealing. Play it alone at first if you like and then ask a few friends to join in. The ones thinking about joining the prepping movement may sometimes give answers that they think everyone else wants to hear and this revelation will be telling. When someone is obviously being deceitful when playing then that may be the only answer the group needs as far as letting that person join.

After you have played a few games with various people, you will get a sense about whether someone is trying to shape their answers to fit in or to deceive. The Conflicted Survival Card game is an excellent tool for screening potential members and it will help the group as a whole to become more cohesive.

Even if you cannot be truthful to others at first you must be truthful with yourself when answering the questions. Many of you simply do not know how you would react because you have never been in the situations presented in the card game. However, by playing the game you will get a good idea on how you would react and how your friends and neighbors will react. This is information you must have to survive in the days after a crisis.

The Conflicted Survival Card game can be purchased for $18.95 at There are 7 decks to choose from with different scenarios.