How To Determine Remaining Daylight

Remaining daylight

Remaining daylight

There are certain circumstances when knowing how much daylight  you have left  is critical. Knowing how many hours of sunlight you have remaining will let you know when you should stop walking and start focusing your attention on finding a safe place to make a shelter. This method can accurately help you to determine how many hours of daylight remain.


The method below is for an average size adult. Each finger equals 15 minutes of daylight time remaining, so one hand would equal an hour.

Here is how you do it..

1. Stretch your arm out in front of you towards the sun. Next bend your wrist so that your palm is facing you and your hand is horizontal with your thumb on top. The bottom of the sun should rest on the top of your pointer finger.

2. Next outstretch your other hand and place it below the first.

3. Continue walking your hands down towards the imaginary horizon line, counting the hands as your go.

The picture above shows two hands for 2 hours of remaining daylight.