DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organization/Rotation Shelves

Kitchen Cabinet Organization/Rotation Shelves

When it comes to food storage you always want to rotate your supply using your oldest food first. Here is an inexpensive way for you to not only organize your canned foods in your kitchen cabinets, but to keep them in rotation so none of your food goes to waste. All that you need for supplies are some self tapping wood screws and some wire closet racks, that you can get at Home Depot for around 14 dollars for a 3 foot  section.

Closet Rack Shelf


Tools Needed:


Hacksaw or bolt cutter. (I recommend using a bolt cutter if you have one it’s a lot easier)

Tape measure.



Step 1:

First remove any shelves that may be in the cabinet that you are planning to use.


Step 2:

Measure the inside of the cabinet, then cut your wire shelving 1/2 in shorter than your inside cabinet measurement.

Cut Wire Closet Self

Step 3:

Place the first shelf into the cabinet, it will just wedge between the back cabinet wall and the cabinet face like pictured below.

Kitchen Cabinet Rotation Shelf


Step 4:

If you want to add another shelf, place a screw on the inside of the cabinet face leaving about 3/4 or an inch. This is what your next shelf is going to rest on. Caution, make sure not to insert the screw to far of you will go through the front of your cabinet face. Also make sure your screws on both sides are the same height so your shelf will be level. Thats all there is to it, It’s that simple.

Cabinet Face Screw