Six Emergency Uses For Paracord – Infographic

Six Emergency Uses For Paracord Infographic

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Here are six uses for paracord in an emergency situation.

  1.  Snare Trap – Make a snare from the internal strands.
  2. Fishing Line – Make a line by cutting a length and pulling out the internal strands. There are seven of them,  each of which separates into two leaving you 14 thin lines.
  3.  Shelter – Make a shelter tying sticks to build a frame or by tying up the corners of a tarp or a pinch.
  4. Fishing Net – Make a net out of the internal strands.
  5. Fire – Make fire by constructing a bow drill.
  6. Bear Bag – Hang a Bear bag to keep food away from animals

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Paracord shoe laces


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