ISIS in Mexico Means ISIS Is Here In the United States

ISIS in Mexico

Recent statements by the administration that the southern border is secure is disputed by the fact that an investigative reporter dressed up as one of the most recognizable terrorist in the world, Osama Bin Laden, was able stroll back and forth across the border, undetected by border agents.

The crossings by the journalist disguised, as a terrorist was to demonstrate that individual terrorists and groups are able to gain entry to the United States from Mexico quite easily. Many experts contend that drug cartels in Mexico are linked to a number of terrorist organizations to include ISIS.

This means that these terrorist organizations already have a support system within Mexico, a base of operations in which to work from, in other words. They can plan attacks virtually undetected just miles south of the U.S. Border, and cross over into this country seemingly at will to carry out those attacks.

Those tasked with tracking terrorist organizations’ social networks have discovered numerous messages referencing the porous Southern Borders of the United States. In fact, ISIS has called for operations to commence along the U.S. Southern Border. You can only imagine what type of operations they have in mind.

Messages from the terrorist group include calls for individuals to cross over from Mexico to carry out attacks. Several messages even referenced the recent video by James O’Keefe (referenced above) disguising himself as Bin Laden and crossing over.

It is not surprising that any group or individual(s) wishing us harm would use the Southern Border as a pathway to the United States. It seems that some security experts within the government do not realize that terrorist can watch the news as well as the rest of us can (Winter, 2014).

The more cynical among us will naturally assume that ISIS is already here in the United States, and it is just a matter of time before they create death and destruction. Inflict terror, and that means more than just killing people. What makes it terrifying is that they can essentially attack us at will, at a time of their choosing, and this is terror in and of itself, knowing but not knowing when or where. It affects us all psychologically, and for some this can be debilitating. We will all have to live in a heightened awareness mode, which is very stressful, and it cannot be maintained for long.

What Can You Expect

Like any crisis, you may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some will be targets of opportunity. A so-called lone wolf terrorist may decide to walk into a shopping mall with explosives strapped their chest. Organized attacks may be against bridges, tunnels, elevated highways, power stations, airports, rail stations and even against financial institutions or governmental offices.

Other targets will likely be soft targets, ones with a higher probability of being successful. In other words, some targets will be those unable to thwart any attack against them, which may include schools, churches, restaurants, sporting events and even along streets by use of car bombs.

You can expect utility disruptions, blocked roadways and areas off limits. You may not be able to get to work for several days or even longer. Your children’s schools may closed out of an abundance of caution. You will need to have plans for childcare if you are still able to get to work and the schools are closed, and daycares may close as well. Business and stores may close in the area or be forced to close by the authorities, because they are deemed a target. You may be denied access to any number of places because of heightened security.

Attacks regardless of their size and scope will have the attended consequences, and that is a disruption of your life, and the life of everyone in the area and the nation as well. You will change your habits, and your life will become more difficult and more stressful. This is what terror does to people.

Keep It Together

You cannot let the fear of an attack paralyze you and force you into seclusion. Life has to go on, and things have to be done, but this does not mean you let your guard down. Look to your supplies and make sure you have what is needed to sustain you if the roadways are damaged or destroyed and you cannot get out of your community.

Make sure you have what it takes to shelter in place for several days or even longer. Bugging-out is probably not your best course of action if a small-scale attack happens in your city or community, because you could easily evacuate into another area that could be attacked as well. It is not very likely that individuals or their homes would be targeted specifically, but some will become collateral damage.
Pay attention to your surroundings and check and double check your supplies, because it is not a matter of if anymore, but a matter of when an attack happens.

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