Prepping is Not a Game

Prepping is not a Game

Preppers When Will It Ever Truly Be Safe To Drink the Water Again

TOLEDO, Ohio – “A water ban that had hundreds of thousands of people in Ohio and Michigan scrambling for drinking water has been lifted, Toledo’s mayor announced Monday” (Associated Press, 2014).

How many more stories do we need to hear about contaminated drinking water? The latest in Toledo Ohio is likely a manmade disaster because of sewage runoff and runoff carrying fertilizers that ended up in Lake Erie. The combination apparently created an algae bloom that in turn created a deadly toxin. The problem is that sewage and fertilizer runoff has been around for decades, hundreds of years in some cases.

Is it the treatment plant that fell asleep at the switch, or is it not enough regulation of runoff. It is hard to imagine that regulations are at fault, because it seems we as a nation are regulated beyond comprehension, so it would appear at first blush that someone fell short in their duties. What else is going to come up short, because people are infallible and make mistakes? The problem is the mistakes being made in this country are piling up, and who is going to become sick or die, because of it.

Algae bloom today, what will tomorrow bring, and will it be caught in time. When will an organization bent on killing people, realize that municipalities simply are not paying attention. Next time will it be a purposeful act, sabotage in other words.

Hospitals had to cancel surgeries because the sterilization process or high heat in other words, apparently concentrates the toxin, so this means that boiling the water would not make it safe to drink, and obviously, filtration will not remove the toxin either. This is just another example of how vulnerable we all are, and how much we have to rely on others to tell us when it is safe to drink the water. How many consumed the water before someone realized it was toxic.

What Can You Do

Self-preservation dictates you start to reduce your dependency from your local municipality. You have to realize that you cannot always rely on your government to protect you in some instances. You have to take steps to protect yourself. At the very least get a complete home, water filtration system, a quality one, and stockpile water of course.

If you have the land and the means then drilling or even digging, your own well is a good step. Even if the well is a backup emergency well it will give you more options. What options do you have if you do not have a stockpile of water, or another reliable water source, and the local store shelves are empty? This is another wake up call, a call to action if you will.

Prepping is not a game, a weekend endeavor among friends. It is serious and must be taken seriously, or you and your family will suffer. It is not just about drinking water it is also about viruses that are now in this country. Diseases with names no one can pronounce. It is about all of the looming disasters out there, disasters at this point to numerous to even count.

The Sword of Damocles hangs above us all. That sense of foreboding you have may soon become reality. Listen to that voice and prepare, as you know you need to.

Waking up one morning and being told your drinking water contains toxins is a crisis, and you must be prepared to deal with it. It can happen in your town at any time. It is not just your home affected either, hospitals, doctors offices and restaurants had to close because of the problem. When will anyone in Toledo ever feel confident in his or her drinking water again?

You cannot walk around with your head in the sand. You have to have situational awareness. Pay attention to what is going on around you. Nothing should catch you by surprise, because if it does it probably means you are not prepared for it, like the 400,000 plus people in Toledo.