It’s Strange We Haven’t Heard From Our Government on How to Prep For Ebola

Prep for ebola

Right after 9/11, the federal government strongly suggested that Americans prepare for another attack. Duct tape, plastic for windows, flashlights and stock up on emergency essentials.

Why is the federal government not making suggestions on how Americans can protect themselves against Ebola? They state the obvious of course, do not travel, do not get close to people that appear sick, tell your doctor where you have traveled, and oh by the way wash your hands.

Two experts on Ebola were infected, and they were supposedly wrapped up tighter than an astronaut out for a space walk. Wash your hands indeed.

It is very troublesome, that a doctor and a nurse or aid worker were exposed to the virus despite their best efforts and years of training along with state of the art protective gear. They, more than anyone, knew the dangers, and knew how to protect him or herself. This does not bode well for the rest of us.

By admitting, that the two Americans needed to be brought to the U.S. to survive the virus, essentially told everyone left behind that they are going to die. This is not a discussion on whether they should have brought back or not, that is left up to you to decide.

The point is the United States essentially admits that the virus cannot be controlled and treated successfully in the countries where it started. If it cannot be controlled it will spread, and eventually will be worldwide.

What should concern you is that it cannot be controlled here either. Of course, Emory Hospital after 12 years of building an isolation ward can handle two patients with Ebola. What happens however, when dozens start streaming in daily with fevers and rashes?

Not many hospitals have spent the last 12 years and millions of dollars building an isolation floor. What happens when hundreds across the country start filling up emergency rooms, even if they do not have the virus, just the mere thought of hundreds having it will cause the medical system to stumble badly.

It will take days to test just a few patients in any hospital, and even if they test negative, others left waiting may test positive. The system is not set up to do this, and this is why the government does not want to tell you how to prepare, because this would be an admittance of sorts.

One other thing that is bothersome. Airport security screeners simply ask if you have been in a country that has had an outbreak. If you really want to get to America or back to America you are going to lie and of course say no, never have been anywhere near an outbreak. On one hand, the experts state this is the worst outbreak in history and then turn around and say no need to worry, which makes it even more worrisome.

The serum seemed to appear as if by magic as well. It takes years to develop drugs to combat diseases and the process for approval is a long and grueling affair. Understandably, in dire emergencies rules and regulations can be sidestepped, but still, it seems peculiar to say the least. The FDA has had plenty of opportunities to approve or fast track other so-called miracle drugs, which could possibly save lives. They did not in most cases.

The government thinks that just because they have isolation rooms or so-called quarantine areas in airports they can stop the spread. Impossible, someone, even dozens of people will slip through that have the virus. There have been hundreds of incidents where contraband and even explosives have slipped through airport security. The security screeners are going to be scared to death to get near anyone let alone haul them off to some isolation room. Ebola will arrive here, probably already is here.

As the CDC has stated “it is all hands on deck”. It should be all hands on deck for you as well, not panic but step it up, and pay attention to what is happening around you. Make sure you stay informed. Watch the news and read the papers. You cannot believe all you hear and read about but cull through the conspiracy rants to get to the truth, so you know how to better prepare.

This is by no means a rant or about any conspiracies, because there is no conspiracy. There is incompetency however, and a failure to communicate to the American people what is really going on. When elected officials do not tell you what they are planning to do to help, it means they have no plans for what to do, and this should scare us all. When the government stops talking, is when you had better start listening.

Pay attention to what is not being said by the government. In their silence, you may find some answers.