A Terrorist Organization Suggests Terror Targets Within the United States

Terrorist Organizations

Your Personal Safety May Be In Your Own Hands At This Point

How-to instructions are now in magazines published by terrorist organizations. The instructions include “recipes” for making car bombs among other improvised explosive devices, specifically for car bombs, and other devices that can be put together and detonated within the United States.

The publication even suggests specific targets to strike within the United States. This means anyone sympathetic to their cause can create death and destructions by following the instructions published in the magazine (s). With global reach because of the Internet and Twitter, the organization can reach out to those bent on the destruction of the United States anywhere at any time.

The current strategy is containment. Cage the beasts and the problem will go away is essentially the plan, which is not a plan at all, but merely a reaction to the situation. However, beasts get loose, or are let loose because people believe they are no longer a threat.
Before a beast can be caged, it must be identified as a threat. Some in this country however, want to downplay any threats certain organizations may pose.

Terrorists want to create as much havoc and instill as much fear as possible and this means, creating a higher body count. They want to be on the evening news. They will use news organizations as a means of recruiting followers, because they know their message will be broadcast to millions. Their barbaric acts inspire other like mined individuals from around the world.

What Can You Do As a Prepper or As an Individual or Family?

Begin practicing situational awareness. You have to know what is going on around you. You cannot stop an attack probably, but you may avoid possible injury or death by paying attention to details.

Avoid areas when you expect large crowds such as malls or shopping centers on the weekends. Banking institutions and governmental offices along with military recruitment stations are potential targets as well. These will be prime targets as well as any symbolic locations such as New York City, Washington D.C. and various other locations across the country.

You may be wondering how you can possibly avoid these areas. For now, it may be a matter of life and death, so begin doing as much as possible online, as far as banking and other routine business. You should avoid actions that may take you into areas that could be targets. The Boston Marathon was targeted because of its symbolism, and what it means to the people of Boston and to the country.

This article is not advocating you barricade yourself in your home, but only to think twice about where you are going, and do you really need to go anywhere. Start thinking about what is really a priority and what is not. Of course, an attack can come at anytime or anywhere but for maximum impact, it will be when and where people congregate for sporting events, religious events, recreation, shopping, and for business reasons.

Las Vegas was mentioned as a potential target and why is Las Vegas popular. It is popular for its recreational gambling and other entertainment. Tens of thousands of people everyday are on the streets of Las Vegas, and in the casinos and hotels. People gather there from all over the country and the world. Military bases are obviously a target as well.

Many experts claim that ISIS is not strong enough, or does not have the capability or coordination to launch an attack(s) similar to 9/11. This does not mean however, that a suicide bomber would not devastate a community if they walked into a shopping mall. The point is that an attack (s) will likely be localized, and may not have the same effect on the country, as did the attacks on 9/11 according to some analysts.

The communities affected however will think differently though. A car bomb going off in downtown anywhere will create terror in the minds of all Americans, and people will have to alter their way of life for a short period, or even forever.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay attention to vehicles that appear to be abandoned. You will have to sit by an emergency exit in every restaurant, at ball games or in a movie theater. You always have to be thinking about an escape plan no matter where you are, and this means paying attention to the smallest details. Plan your trips, know the roads and do not be afraid to turn around and leave if things simply do not look or feel right.

Above all, be prepared for extended utility outages and lack of safe drinking water if you live in an urban/suburban area. You have to be aware of the possibility that your city’s drinking water could be purposely contaminated, power grids could be hacked into, and air travel may be disrupted, as well as, rail and even public transportation because of deliberate attacks on these systems.

You cannot become so distracted by your everyday routine that you do not have any idea of what is going on around you. Do not walk into light poles as you text, keep your head up and know what is happening around you.

The world and this country have changed. It suddenly became even more dangerous than it was just a few years ago. The enemy could be living within your very community. An enemy that is willing to die for its cause is not an enemy you can reason with. There is only one thing they understand, and this country must understand what needs to be done.

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