Top 10 Tools for a Survival Scenario

Top 10 Survival Tools

Survival Tools


1. Water filter – Without water you can only last 3 days, so having a way to filter your water is crucial. The last thing you want to do is get sick during a survival situation. Remember not all water filters remove viruses see contaminant size chart here.


2. Canteen w/ Cooking Cup – Once you find water you are going to want a way to take it with you, having a canteen with a cooking cup not only lets you do just that but also gives you a back up water purification method.


3. Survival knife – Having a good knife will help you build a shelter, clean game and even hunt for food plus provides minimal protection if needed.


4. Fire starter – Having a way to build fire can not only save you from hypothermia but is also lifts your moral. You should always have at least three ways to make fire.


5. Multi-Tool – Sometime you need more than just a knife, having a good multi-tool may let you do some things where a knife just won’t do.


6. Tarp or a Military Poncho – There are several different shelters that you can make with a tarp or a military poncho. Check out this infographic to learn some of them.


7. Hatchet – Having a hatchet will come in handy for building shelters, splitting firewood, protection, and cutting or digging through snow or ice.


8. First aid kit – Having a good first aid kit is mandatory if you spend anytime outdoors.  If you go with a pre-packaged first aid kit, be sure to include these items. Vetbond to use for wound closure, some QuikClot to stop bleeding and a venom extractor kit for snakebites.


9. Paracord – There are so many ways you can use paracord, from setting a snare to constructing a shelter. Make sure you learn a few knots or keep a knot card along with it too.


10. Compass  – Having a compass and some good navigational skills, you may just be able to find your way back to civilization. Some models come with a built-in magnifying glass used for zeroing in on map details, but may also be useful for starting a fire, removing splinters and insect stingers. Some also come with sighting mirrors that can also be used for signaling.