Top 5 Reasons to Be a Prepper

Reasons to be a prepper

Some people are not motivated to do anything to prepare for a crisis until something happens, until something happens to them, and then of course, it is too late. They can sit all day and watch one crisis after another unfold around the world, but the disasters are a world away, and do not touch their lives, so a shrug and change the channel.

People can always point out what should have been done once the crisis is over like locking the barn door after the horse gets out, but guess what it’s too late.

However, it is not too late to make sure it is locked next time, in other words begin Prepping for next time. Some people have to experience something, observe what it can do, and what it means not to be prepared before they realize the need for prepping, but why go though the suffering and misery. All you have to do is become a Prepper, so you are ready, so you can mitigate the suffering that accompanies a crisis.

History Shows Us What Not Being Prepared Means

1.)  Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy Should Have Been a Wakeup Call

The local authorities and even the federal government were woefully underprepared. It was almost as if no one prepared at all.

Therefore, reason Number 1 is natural disasters, because they will continue to occur and the more cities and communities expand, the greater the destruction and fatalities, and greater damage to our already antiquated infrastructure.

When people build at the water’s edge they need infrastructure, and it’s not as if they add new power stations and new high voltage transmission lines. They simply expect the current infrastructure in place to carry the load, which of course, puts more strain on existing components. When a storm strikes it affects more than just the homes and cities in its path.

2.) Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks have happened in the past and will continue to happen. To date, as far as we know they have not been destructive attacks, in other words the attacks did not cause countless fatalities and did not change the world, as we know it. The focus has been on intelligence gathering and industrial espionage for the most part when nation states sanction the attacks.

One day however, hackers in the employ of a nation state or rouge hackers working on their own, may decide to see what happens when they shut down the power grid along the Eastern Seaboard, or decide to tamper with the computers that control water treatment plants in a few heavily populated cities. Where will you be within a few hours, within a few days, if not prepared, you will be in trouble is a safe assumption.

3.) Is There a Nuclear Power Plant in Your State or Even Your City?

Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and a host of other less disastrous meltdowns have occurred. Again history shows us the need to become a Prepper. You wake up tomorrow to blaring headlines that a nuclear power plant in your state has been attacked or damaged by a natural disaster. Are you ready to evacuate, are you prepared. If you are not a Prepper you probably will not know what to do, it’s too late once disaster strikes.

4.) Financial Melt Down Similar to the Great Depression

It is likely to be worse however, because of the population and global financial structuring. You may have lights for a few days, but after that no one will be able to afford it, so the grid may as well be down for all intents and purposes.

Things you need to survive daily cannot be had, because of the cost. Soon the production of essential goods will cease. If you do not have the needed supplies stockpiled before the financial collapse, you will not be able to obtain them after the collapse.

5.) Pandemics

As far as we, the average citizens knows, we came through the Ebola Virus breakout relatively unscathed in the United States while Africa did not. Next time we may not, and what else is lurking out there ready to manifest itself whether it be man-made or natural. We do not know, so every reason to become a Prepper, because no one knows, and it is better to be prepared, and not need your supplies than, well you know the rest.

Skeptics cannot say the above listed will not happen, because they have happened in the past and some are happening right now. We know our cyber networks are being probed as this article is being written by foreign governments. We also know natural disasters occur almost on a timetable, and the financial systems in this country are being propped up by the Federal Reserve, so what happens when they kick the crutch out from underneath.

There is fear mongering, and then there are the facts, and what your very own eyes and ears tell you. The Yellowstone Volcano has been on the verge of erupting ever since it was discovered. It may go 10 thousand more years or it may erupt tomorrow.

It is easy to predict a comet will hit earth, because you would probably be right, but when and how severe is the question, it may be a million years from now or a week from tomorrow.

We have to deal with the here and now, because frankly, if Yellow Stone erupts and it’s as bad as they predict no amount of prepping will save you, and the same applies to a comet, there is no Prepping for the end of the world.

You know the five listed reasons are not abstract. They are solid and some have visited death and destruction upon us before and will again. If the above listed are not reason enough to become a Prepper then there is no reason at all.