The Vipukirves-Leveraxe


As a prepper we all know that heating your home with wood is the best way to be prepared because even when the grid goes down you still have heat and a way to cook your food. But we also know that splitting that wood can be a huge chore, there is a reason why they say chopping your wood will warm you twice. Well now there is a new axe that makes that chore easier and safer. Heikki Kärnä has invented a new kind of axe called the Vipukirves, which translates as Leveraxe.


Your standard axe works like a wedge and needs to be driven down with enough force to split the wood along the grain. What Heikki Kärnä has done is create an extra piece of metal on the side of the blade to force it to deflect at a right angle pushing the wood sideways. By pushing the wood sideways, like a lever, you need less force to split the log.

For US orders, the base price is €155.74 ($215), plus €47.26 ($65) in shipping, that may sound high for an axe but considering your exerting less effort and time to get the job done, sounds like a good deal to me, but then again I was never one to skimp when it comes to buying a quality tool. To purchase or learn more about the Leveraxe visit and check out the video below to see it in action.