14 Tips for Building a Survival Farm

Survival Farm

What things do you consider when you set out to start a homestead? What things are important, what things can be thought about later? Any survival homestead is going to need land to grow food, quality water, and even a means to generate power. In setting off on a journey to start a homestead you must consider all of these things.

What good is land if there is no access to water? What good is water without tillable land? Proper planning will result in avoiding headaches that could be very costly down the road. Even worse, some mistakes can be deadly. While plugged into the world, we can overlook missing certain aspects of homesteading, but what if the grid goes down? While a completely self-sufficient homestead is the ultimate goal, every little tip that makes it easier to get there is a plus. There is lots to think about. Here are 14 tips to get you thinking.

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