3 Quick Tricks to Keep You Warm Using a Common Car Sunshade

Car Sunshade Tricks

Have you ever slept outside on the ground in the winter? Very few of us do so by choice. To be comfortable in your shelter requires a warm sleeping bag, but perhaps more importantly, isolation from the ground. Sleeping with your body directly on the ground, even in a sleeping bag, will quickly sap both heat and energy. This is because the direct contact with the ground allows for more efficient heat transfer. For winter campers, the remedy to the situation might be an expensive sleeping pad. These work by placing a layer of air between your body and the ground, usually in the form of an air chamber or foam. For those of us that don’t have the cash laying around, or want a dual duty device that can perform a few functions, we can use an inexpensive car sunshade. Find out why in this video: