8 Military Bug Out Vehicles You Can Own

Photo Credit: TinHatRanch.com

Photo Credit: TinHatRanch.com

Transportation will be sketchy in a grid down situation, roads may become dangerous, and if the situation prolonged, impassible. The typical Toyota sedan has no place on the roads during hostilities. Many of you have a “bug out vehicle”, everybody wants one. While there is no definition in the old Webster’s dictionary, a BOV must be rugged, reliable, be able to haul plenty of both gear and people, and if you are really serious, armored.

To achieve these objectives, we have several options. One is to take an existing vehicle that is large enough to accommodate passengers and gear and modify it. You may wish to start with something like an old Jeep Cherokee, Toyota, or Land Rover. Those that need a larger capacity can consider the Suburban or Excursion. All of these vehicles can be made into very capable all terrain machines.

The problem with modifying these machines rears its ugly head when you get to the armor. They are just not built for it. Sure, you can add strategic plating here and there, but they will never be “bullet proof”. The suspensions aren’t made to haul around that much weight, and even if you did add the armor, the drivetrains would be woefully underpowered. So what do you do?

One option is to purchase a readymade bug out vehicle. Otherwise known as a light armored vehicle, these fit all of the criteria in spades. Here is the problem, you will have to sell your house and mortgage the kids to get one.

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