An AirBow Maybe It Is Time You Looked At One

Air Bow

Many call it a hybrid-hunting weapon, which can generate more speed and power than a traditional crossbow while at the same time being safer and easier to operate.

An AirBow, of course, uses compressed air to fire bolts, or arrows if you prefer to call them that. At 3,000 PSI an AirBow can fire, eight full sized arrows before refilling, at 450 FPS. It only requires two pounds of pressure to cock an AirBow, so essentially anyone can cock it even those with disabilities that might have rendered a traditional longbow or crossbow useless.

What makes an airbow ideal for grid down situations and other disasters is that you can buy a recharging system which consists of a “High-Pressure Hand Pump” and a 4500 PSI Charging System. As stated earlier once fully charged, you can fire up to eight full sized arrows at 450 FPS. You can bring down any North American big game with an AirBow. With a good supply of arrows and a charging system, you are always assured of having what you need to hunt with or even use for defensive purposes.

You can retrieve your arrows and reuse of course if they are not damaged, so this is another plus to using an AirBow, crossbow, or longbow.

Stealth Hunting

You can hunt and target practice in relative silence so as not to give away your position to others, or scare away game.

An AirBow can easily be fitted with a scope, sling, and certain models come standard with a Picatinny rail system for adding more accessories. The silhouette is similar to that of a long gun, so it can be easily maneuvered through heavy brush, whereas a longbow or crossbow can be difficult to bring to bear in some instances in heavy brush or when in a prone position.

Once cocked it can be decocked easily so it is safe for tree stand use or in other areas, in which a crossbow or longbow could not be used safely or effectively.

An AirBow broadens your opportunities, and of course, those who for whatever reason cannot use a traditional crossbow or longbow can use an AirBow because it really is as simple as pulling the trigger to fire.

As with anything, you need to practice to hone your skills, and you have to choose your arrows carefully because skill and materials do make a difference.

An AirBow is another tool for the toolbox that you should consider for when the SHTF. You need a variety of options available to you during a crisis and if you can, then you should include as many as possible to ensure you can hunt and protect yourself under all conditions, and that always have access to ammunition.


  • Silent Hunting
  • Can Be Cocked and Fired By Virtually Anyone
  • Can Be Decocked For Climbing Into a Tree Stand
  • Arrows Can Be Reused
  • Can Be used To Hunt Any Game
  • Highly Accurate
  • No Bow Strings to Break


  • Can Only Fire Up To Eight Arrows Before Recharging
  • Must Carry Recharging Gear With You When Hunting

This article is not a review of an AirBow, but is rather an article about choices. An AirBow will not necessarily replace a firearm and you should not assume it would. It may have a place in your preps, however, and it is an ideal hunting weapon regardless of the situation.

Prepping is about options, and being able to adapt to the situation so you can overcome the problem, and to do so, you do need as many options as possible.