Urban Survival Hunting

Hunting For Survival in the City When the SHTF

Wildlife in the city, well yes, and Merriam-Webster defines wildlife as living things and especially mammals, birds, and fishes that are neither human nor domesticated. That definition covers a lot of ground.

How many of you have spotted or been harassed by geese in a city park, have had to yield to geese and ducks in roadways around city water features, have seen squirrels begging for food near park benches, and who has not been tempted to feed the pigeons some of their sandwich whiling lunching in a city square. Wildlife indeed abounds.

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Slingshot Hunting

How to Hunt with a Slingshot for Survival

Getting lost or stranded in the middle of the wilderness is a real case scenario for which every outdoor enthusiast should be prepared. Such an event could happen to you when you’re hiking through a new path, mountain biking over a trail, or out camping with your family. And no matter the amount of food you take with you, eventually it is bound to run out. When that happens, living off the land can make the difference between surviving or starving in the woods.

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Air Bow

An AirBow Maybe It Is Time You Looked At One

Many call it a hybrid-hunting weapon, which can generate more speed and power than a traditional crossbow while at the same time being safer and easier to operate.

An AirBow, of course, uses compressed air to fire bolts, or arrows if you prefer to call them that. At 3,000 PSI an AirBow can fire, eight full sized arrows before refilling, at 450 FPS. It only requires two pounds of pressure to cock an AirBow, so essentially anyone can cock it even those with disabilities that might have rendered a traditional longbow or crossbow useless.

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Stealth Hunting

Stealth Hunting: Practicing Noise Discipline

If they can hear you they can find you. In some cases, you will have to minimize your noise signature so as not to comprise your location, or mission if you will. In a grid down scenario or in certain other situations, you may have to hunt to survive, and you may have to hunt using stealth and noise discipline to keep your location or the fact you are even hunting a secret.

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How to Recognize 5 Common Lethal Deer Diseases

Deer Diseases

Deer are one of the most common game animals across North America, and like people, they succumb to many diseases. With deer season upon us it is important for hunters to be able to recognize some of the common diseases that plague deer.

These diseases are generally not contagious to humans, but if a local herd becomes diseased, it can quickly wipe out the deer in the entire area. Here are 5 of the most common diseases which you should be able to identify:

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Surviving Large on Small Stuff


Everyone is always after the big win, this rings true in everyday life as well as SHTF. It is the reason why get rich quick schemes do so well and the same reason why many will die of starvation in an end of the world scenario. If you can take down big game, you can eat for a few weeks, but the caloric expenditure might be great, and what happens if you don’t make the kill? Did you realize you may have passed on many smaller opportunities along the way? You might think I am talking about foraging, and yes, it will help, but you need big nourishment in small packages. Check out this excellent article by Survival Sherpa:

Surviving Large on Small Stuff

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How To Field Dress A Turkey

Field dress a turkey

When hunting in a survival situation you want to maximize the amount of meat that you can get from your kill, every calorie counts. In this excellent video below Reality Survival shows how to field dress a Turkey out in the woods, no kitchen sink, no garden hose, no trash bags for feathers, just the way you would have to do it if you had to hunt in a survival situation. So check out the video below to learn the method he uses to save as much of the meat as possible.


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Six Primitive Traps For Catching Food In The Wild

Six Primitive Traps

If you are caught in the wild or on the run with little food, and no prospects on the horizon, you may have to revert to trapping. Trapping is an effective way to put food on the table (if there is a table) and has been used for centuries. With nothing more than the inner strands from a piece of paracord, you can fashion an effective snare. The best thing to do is to learn now, so you can fall back on your memory if you ever need this skill. So check out this article excellent article below to learn how to make 6 primitive traps for catching food in the wild.

Six Primitive Traps For Catching Food In The Woods

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How to Field Dress a Squirrel

Squirrel in a tree

Squirrels are an excellent survival food. They are easy to find, easy to hunt, and easy to prepare. If you have trees there is an excellent chance you will find a squirrel. Knowing how to field dress a squirrel would be a great skill to have in a survival situation. Here is an excellent article by Creek Stewart of Willow Haven Outdoor, But Be Warned! This post contains a graphic step-by-step depiction of the skinning and disemboweling of a real squirrel. With that being said check out the article below.

How to Field Dress a Squirrel

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How to Set a Figure 4 Spring Snare

Figure Four Spring Snare

Lets face it, in most survival type situations, ideal conditions rarely exist. So rather than simply hoping for the best, why not prepare for the worst. Most of you are familiar with spring snares that requires you to set an anchor in the ground. Yes these type of snares work great in ideal conditions, but what about when the ground is either two soft or too hard to set the anchor? Well check out the video below from the guys over at DirtTime.com to learn how to set up a figure four spring snare, so you wont have to worry about setting an anchor in the ground.

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