How to Make Char Cotton Balls

Char Cotten Balls

Char Cotten Balls

Until the other day I have heard of char cloth but what about char cotton balls too?. Whats the difference you might ask? Well the char cotton balls ignite real easily with a little spark like char cloth and burn impressively slow. When blown on the cotton ball creates a nice big ember as you can see by the picture below. Trying to put it out was actually difficult. You make these just like you do char cloth, for those that don’t know how here are the instructions.


Step 1. Find a tin like an altoids tin or something similar like in the picture below. Put a small hole in the cover this is to release the gases.

Char Cotton Balls Tin


Step 2. Place the cotton balls inside the tin and place the cover on.



Step 3. Place the tin in an open fire, you might see smoke or fire coming out of the hole you put in the tin cover but that is ok, it is just the gases burning off. When you see no more smoke or fire coming out of the hole it is done. Remove the tin from the fire and let cool. Store the cotton balls in your fire kit.  Below is a picture of a burning charred cotton Ball

Burning Char Cotten Ball