Choosing Allies for Your Survival Group

Survival Group

The trap some people fall into is assuming that everyone thinks as they do, and thus, would react the same. This, of course, is not the case usually. If you don’t know the person well, then you don’t know if they can be trusted to have the right reaction when things go south.

Those attached at the hip to the system as it is set up today will be the first to fail, so you do need a way to screen people to some extent before you allow them into the inner fold if you will. This means you keep your plans to yourself until you know.

You will probably find the reason that most people join a Prepper group is for their own survival, and not necessarily for the benefit of the group. However, if the group fails individuals will likely fail as well. Some people do not think that far ahead, though. Therefore, before accepting anyone you have to know what he or she can do for the group as a whole, so you can essentially weed out those that would become a camp follower instead of being a productive participant.

A well functioning group serves everyone, as long as everyone serves the group. If this concept fails, then it is a chaotic mess, and people will simply look out for themselves first. With that being said, however, individuals must be self-sufficient enough to survive on their own and this takes a unique individual and often times may go against the entire concept of a group. Finding the right people is hard because there has to be a balance.

You simply cannot have people that are locked into the system in your survival group. We are going to call it a survival group because that is what it will be once the SHTF. The prepping is over, now it’s a survival group, and you have to choose carefully. Those locked into the system will fail when the system fails. They would not be independent people, and so they would not be good candidates for your survival group.

Anyone can buy food, supplies, and other materials to get ready for a crisis, but what skills do they have once the disaster strikes and in the days after, skills, knowledge, and fortitude are what will be needed along with essential supplies.

Some people will only be loyal to a group as long as the group serves their daily needs. Once they feel the group is not functioning in their best interest they may very well disappear. Disappear with a load of supplies, as well as, knowledge of how the group functions, numbers of people, skill levels and they will know what weaponry could be brought to bear.

Even the most loyal individuals will have their own self-interest at heart when it comes to survival. There are, of course, those that run into burning buildings to rescue people, throw themselves on hand grenades to save the team and they have been numerous other instances throughout history where people have performed heroic acts to save others, and often times sacrificing their own lives while doing so. You simply don’t know, until you know.

Given all, that we have discussed it would seem pointless to even begin gathering a survival group together because everyone would be at odds. It can be done, but it takes training as a group and having a clear set of guidelines, and very stringent requirements for joining the group.

Those joining a group should welcome the strict requirements because this tells them that the group is serious, and not some ragtag outfit tossed together at the last moment. The leaders need confidence in their members and the members need confidence in their leaders.

A survival group as we have talked about in the past is not necessarily a democracy. You can present your opinions, as could anyone in the group, but your interests oftentimes take a back seat to the interests of the group as a whole. In some cases, you will have to “suck it up” and carry on.

Define the mission, and simply saying we formed to survive is not a mission statement, it is simply stating a fact. How will the group survive, what resources can be brought to bear and do you plan on helping others, helping those that can’t help themselves, or are you going to isolate the group and hunker down and weather the storm as it were.