Civil Unrest Will Be A Threat Sooner Rather Than Later

Civil Unrest

The World Is becoming More Dangerous by the Day

Starting back with the Continental Army and through today, civil unrest or even minor insurrections have been part of the American fabric. People turn to their government in times of strife, and then when the citizens realize their government is not prepared or unwilling to help or change then those same citizens will turn against their government. People will march on Washington, they will hold signs and chant their displeasure, but when fear enters the picture, they will be carrying more than just signs.

Demonstrations and protest are relatively common ways to enact change in this country. However, what happens when people fear for their lives and the lives of friends and family and they find out the government is unable to help or to control the situation. What will happen when the social structure collapses and anarchy rules all because of a major catastrophe?

Soon the crisis that started it all becomes irrelevant, because the effects of the crisis become the story. This is when civil unrest becomes the crisis in and of itself. Demonstrations become violent and angry fearful people will be capable of destroying government offices, businesses and private homes, and anyone can be a target just by being in the wrong place.

It seems that the world is spiraling out of control and there is one crisis after another, and eventually the ripples of all the strife, violence and killings will wash up on our shores. The pot will boil over, and to survive it you must be prepared.

Standing Your Ground

Unless you “bug-out” days in advance, which means you would have had a warning, you will have to shelter in place. You cannot reasonably expect to flee your community or city in the midst of rioting and violent demonstrations. You also have to assume that civil unrest is nationwide possibly because of an Ebola outbreak or a financial collapse or one of the nations bent on our destruction finally broke through the firewalls and have created havoc with the power grids or water treatment plants. The calamities that could cause civil unrest are simply too numerous to list.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa “to be an international public health emergency that requires an extraordinary response” (WHO, 2014).

What you will have to prepare for is what the fear of getting the virus will do to people. Just the thought of the virus spreading in this country will create civil unrest. It will force people into seclusion in their own homes, and some will believe any stranger or even a friend is a potential carrier, so anyone within sight is a danger to those secluded. People will kill others if they think they may be carrying the virus. This is an extreme scenario, but it would not take much for it to become a reality here in the United States.

Prepare For the Worst Case Scenario

It goes without saying you will need personal protection, firearms in other words. Pepper spray and stun guns are a non-lethal alternative and of course can be used in conjunction with firearms. Some family members may be more comfortable with stun batons, stun guns and/or pepper spray.

Keep it sensible, and practical, you are not trying to outfit a platoon of soldiers. You are protecting your family and you will be in a defensive security posture. You have to assume that each member at some point would have to use one of those firearms at some point so purchase them with this in mind.

You need a zone, an area you can control with limited resources, remember it may just be you and a few family members, and so keep it simple. You cannot roam the streets like some modern day vigilante. Finding trouble before it finds you will only work in the movies.

Your home becomes a castle that must be protected, and technically, you will be under siege. Not under siege in the literal sense, but for all practical purposes you cannot leave, so this means you need to have what is needed to survive inside your home. You cannot run out to the corner store, because it has been looted, the gas stations will either be on fire or boarded up or both. You have only you and your family at this point.

You cannot have too much water so inventory and begin stockpiling even more, because medical emergencies will require more water than is usually needed for just hydration.

Utilities may or may not be disrupted in the short-term but if the civil unrest continues, you can expect to see disruptions. This means no water, electricity nor gas for cooking and heating.

There are thousands of lists out on what you need to survive any crisis. Use common sense and remember certain disasters may require specialized equipment and materials, so when doing your treat assessment consider this. Right now, the threat (s) other than the so-called usual ones is the Ebola virus.

You may need to add to your medical supplies based on the threat of deadly viruses loose in the world. Focus on protective gear for those treating victims and materials for isolation of patients and then supplies for sanitation. You will need supplies for disinfecting areas and hands such as chlorine bleach, bar soap, alcohol based hand sanitizer and plenty of disposable hand towels.

It may be just a matter of waiting things out. The looters will run out of places to loot and other criminals will be dealt with as they begin to act out. It will not take long for sides to be drawn up. You will have your troublemakers and then those people volunteering to help others, and then those that simply do not know what to do, and then you will have those that just want to be left alone to ride out the crisis.

If there is an outbreak, you can expect federal troops, and governmental medical experts to be in the area. Do not give the troops any reason to suspect you are part of any problem. Stay out of their way and follow curfews, avoid restricted areas and follow quarantine orders if it is suitable to your needs. However, if you suspect Martial Law will be enacted then you have decisions to make. Find out if it will be local or nationwide and then decide accordingly.

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