Contagion: Is It More Possible Now Than Ever In the United States?

Contagion USA

“Medical Staff Warned Keep Your Mouths Shut About Illegal Immigrants or Face Arrest”.

“A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas” (Starnes, 2014).

This article is not a discussion on immigration policies, but about the possible threats, this country is facing. Unfortunately, the current situation is one that we can only react too. There is no going back and changing the facts. The real world situation is what it is and it has to be dealt with going forward. Everyone of us has to deal with it, and prepare accordingly.

Children and some adults are streaming across the border literally by the thousands right now. Some people are calling them refugees. Many are fleeing violence, oppression and famine.

The facts or the reasons vary depending on who is telling the story, but right now, the reasons are less important than the fact that they are here. The question is now, what deadly diseases have come with the children and what should we all do to prepare.

No one really knows why they are fleeing, other than the conditions from where they came are much worse than in the U.S. Most of the children according to reports are being smuggled from Honduras, Guatemala and other South American countries.

What Diseases Are They Bringing With Them

Other than the financial strain and the burden on law enforcement, there is another reason for concern. Diseases, some that medical professionals had thought were wiped out, may now emerge again.

Many if not most of the children now arriving at the border have never been vaccinated against many of the life threatening diseases in the world. What is most frightening is that the children and others are not being processed through any medical facilities first to determine if they are carrying any contagious diseases.

Tuberculosis, MERES, SARS, polio, swine flu, scabies, chickenpox, smallpox, measles virus, rubella and whooping cough are just a few that can be brought into this country and spread throughout the country in just a matter of days.

It is important to note no one has officially stated any diseases are present that could pose a risk to the country as a whole. It is only a possibility that “diseases can be brought in” no one is suggesting the children have, as of yet, set off an epidemic, but common sense tells you it is just a matter of time.

Many of the children are being bused and flown to other parts of the country, into other states and cities without the knowledge of the local governments or the citizens. Medical professionals are not checking the children for diseases before being flown around the country. If no one is checking then no one really knows.

Stay Informed

Now is not the time for finger pointing, the horse is already out of the barn if you will. You can talk about how this happened later on, now is the time for planning for the “what ifs”.

Make sure you your spouse/partner and all of your children have all of the needed vaccinations. For those that do not believe in vaccinations then you should prepare for isolation at some point to protect yourself and your loved ones when the SHTF. Isolation is really the only option you have if an epidemic gets started and you are not vaccinated.

Quarantines are possible if an epidemic turns into a pandemic so Martial Law is possible in certain areas. Federal troops may very well be called in to enforce the quarantines. If the situation gets out of hand, the President has the authority to impose Martial Law anywhere in the country. National Guard troops can be called up in any state at any time by the governor during an emergency.

Preppers look to your supplies and double check to ensure everything is in order. Imagine the things you may need for an extended time away from towns or cities. You may have to isolate yourself regardless of what type of vaccinations you have. There are diseases that can be brought into this country that you cannot be vaccinated against, because vaccines do not exist.

Most of you probably already know what you need, but reminders never hurt. Make sure you have a vehicle that is well maintained and is ready to go at anytime. Trying to bug-out on foot will only bring you in closer contact with other people, which is what you want to avoid. So make sure you can leave in a vehicle if you need to.

Having plenty of food, water, medicines and communication devices of course is understood. Make sure you know how to sanitize your home or camp properly to help stop the spread of any viruses and bacteria.

Sheltering in place usually makes the most sense but you never know until it comes down to it, so have a backup plan. People will panic, but staying informed and planning ahead is the best course.

There is no reason to believe that the power grid would fail unless workers simply abandon their posts if there happens to be a pandemic. Transportation, public or otherwise may be slowed or stopped altogether if the authorities initiate containment procedures.

Politicians, to include local governments, law enforcement, any first responders, medical personnel in hospitals and other public workers will look to their families first during this type of crisis so do not expect any help from the authorities in the beginning.

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