DIY Solar Emergency / Camp Lamp

Solar Emergency / Camp Lamp

Solar Emergency / Camp Lamp

Today I’m going to show you how to turn a solar power path light into and emergency / camp lantern. You can get the path light for under 5 dollars at most Walmarts and even some dollar stores. Here is a list of things you will need to do this little project.

Solar Lamp Tools

  • Solar path light preferably one with a removable battery and on/off switch
  • One pint or larger mason jar
  • Four small sheet metal screws
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Tin snips

Step 1:   Remove the lid from the mason jar and discard the center portion of the lid.

Solar Lamp Lid


Step 2: Remove the top of the path lamp by twisting it off. Discard the lower portion of the lamp.

Solar Path Light


Step 3: Next take the lid from the mason jar and place it on top of the solar path light like so. If the the mason jar lid covers the battery compartment lid then mark the mason lid with a sharpie like the picture below.

Solar Lamp Top

Solar top marked


Step 4: Cut out the areas you marked with your tin snips.

Solar Lamp Top Trimmed


Step 5: Next remove the small screws holding the battery compartment onto the top of the path lamp. Carefully lift the compartment off the top. Next line up your mason jar lid and just and make 4 small marks where it looks safe to drill. You just want to make sure you won’t drill into any major parts of the lamp.

Solar Top Separated


Step 6: When your sure you have your marks in a safe place then drill 4 small pilot holes into the mason jar lid. After you drilled the mason jar lid secure the battery compartment onto the solar path light then mark your pilot holes on the path light and then drill those holes too.

Solar Lamp Top Drilled


 Step 7: Secure the mason jar lid to the path light with 4 small sheet metal screws and thats it you now have a emergency / camping lantern that you can recharge with the sun. If the path light you bought didn’t have an on off switch you will have to remove the battery or the light will come on when it gets dark. These also make great night lights for kids rooms and bathrooms they are cheap to run and cost next to nothing to make. This one was made for under 5 bucks.

Solar Lamp Complete