Ebola Reaching the U.S. It’s Not Just a Matter of If Anymore

Ebola Reaching United States

Taking the temperature of travelers is not controlling anything and doing so at airports certainly will not stop anyone infected with the virus from traveling. The incubation period can be up to 21 days, with no symptoms appearing during this time.

Taking temperatures is doing something, however ineffective it may be, and the authorities must look like they are at least responding, but a person can be infected and not have a temperature so where does that leave us all.

Seventy-Five Thousand patients die each year in U.S. hospitals from infections spread patient- to-patient, this according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This lack of proper hygiene in American hospitals will allow the Ebola virus to spread to others once it reaches America (CDC, 2014).

No one it seems bats an eye at the number of deaths caused by the spread of infections in hospitals. What would the reaction be if the CDC announced 75,000 people are now infected with Ebola in the United States however? Panic would ensue is what would happen.

Do you think that health care workers are purposely-letting people die from infections spread from patient to patient? No of course not, but a lack of procedures, incompetency and bureaucratic red tape allows it, and things will not change just because Ebola is on the loose. If they wanted to change, if they had the ability to change, they would have already.

Health care workers will be the ones infected first, and will likely be the ones to die first once the virus spreads to the U.S. because they would have some of the first contacts with the disease. Yet, health care workers would supposedly be the ones most prepared not to contract the disease. In West Africa health care workers in the outbreak areas are becoming infected, and are dying from the disease.

It is not so much you have to worry about becoming infected, but what it means when there is an outbreak in a large city in your state. How will this affect you and your community? Just the fear alone will cause many businesses to come to a grinding halt, maybe even the business you work at.

One of the things not talked about that much in Prepper circles is what to do about unemployment during a crisis. Of course, some may believe the entire country would collapse and everyone would be out of work, but this is not the likely scenario. The Ebola virus will not only kill over 50 percent of those infected it will also kill certain jobs and businesses once there is an outbreak in this country.

There would be pockets of unemployment due to the outbreak, large pockets in all likelihood, but there would still be a substantial number of people still working and drawing wages somewhere. This in and of itself would create a crisis. This is something you would have to prepare for.

Truck drivers may not deliver goods to restaurants and grocery stores in any town where there is an outbreak. Airlines may stop flights in and out of infected areas. Buses and other forms of public transportation may cease to operate for the time being. People will not leave their homes, schools will shut down and law enforcement along with other first responders may not respond as quickly, and if they do, they may show up with a thermometer and a questionnaire. They may demand to know where you have been, with whom have you had contact with, all before they even begin to render help of any sort.

Local responders may not be equipped or are unwilling to handle any suspected cases of Ebola and may very well call in federal experts, and thus, you will have to wait for medical care even if you dialed 911 for a broken limb.

You Cannot Depend On the Government

Friday evening an intruder scaled the north fence, at the White House, darted across the lawn and into the presidential residence (Associated Press, 2014).

Probably one of the most heavily guarded residents in the world, and apparently, the gatekeepers were asleep at the switch. This is not a swipe at the security detail, but when the most heavily guarded residents in the world apparently leaves its doors wide open, how well do you think the average citizen will be looked after during a crisis.

If they cannot keep someone from rushing into the presidential residents then who or what do you imagine is entering this country without anyone noticing.

This incident is merely presented to show that bureaucracy can get in the way of common sense, and when an organization gets too big it cannot be controlled and people’s lives are put at risk because of it. When it literally takes an act of Congress to get anything done, this country is in trouble, and its leaders are ill equipped to handle any crisis of any magnitude.

It is up to you, to prepare, to make plans and understand the ramifications of any crisis. Think about how it will affect you. The crisis itself may not kill you. It may be the days after and the response to the crisis, the response from other citizens and the government that does the most damage.

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