Float Fishing: A Highly Effective Method Of Fishing

Rainbow Trout Float Fishing

I do a lot of fishing for trout and one thing that I have learned is that float fishing is a highly effective method of fishing. I actually caught the fish pictured above using this method. What makes this method so effective is the way that it presents the bait to the fish. I have had a lot of success using this method of fishing and I suggest any of you that fish for trout, salmon or steelhead give it a try.

This method could prove worthy if you carry the tackle needed in your bug out bag should you find yourself needing to fish for survival. In the video below the fishermen are using center pin reels but it can be easily done with a regular spinning reel. Here is a  PDF on some Shotting Patterns, give the video a look and next time you are out fishing for trout give it a try, you might be surprised.