Hoo-Rag an excellent product for your BOB


So I came across a cool little product that I will be keeping in my bug out bag from now on, it’s called the Hoo-rag. Whats a Hoo-rag you ask? It’s a cool type of bandana that can be used in a variety of different ways. Not only can you wear it like a regular bandana without having to tie it, but it can also be worn as a balaclava, face rag, head band, neck warmer, pony tail rag, pirate rag, and an alice rag. This could be very useful in a SHTF type scenario i.e. protect from dust, sun, sweat ect.


You can also change the way you wear it in a matter of seconds which is a plus and it can be used to strain water if need be.  I think it’s so useful that I plan on getting another one for my get home bag. They come in a variety of colors and patterns including many popular camo patterns. The video below gives a demonstration on how easily you can change the way you wear it. Hoo Rag also specializes in bandanas for the US Marine Corps, fisherman, motorcyclists and even dogs!

The price of the Hoo Rag is $14.95 for most designs and if you aren’t picky about the design, there are 3 color combinations (black/white, white/black/, pink/white) available with the Hoo Rag logo for $9.95

For more info or to order online: HooRag.com