Hot Ash Wood Burning Rocket Stove

Hot Ash Rocket Stove

First, this stove packs down to 3 inches square by 9 inches tall, and that right there caught my eye. Rocket stoves are everywhere, some are more mobile than others are, however, and then there is the so-called rocket stove made out of cinder blocks. Well, that’s great for the backyard but try bringing one along on your hiking trip.

Yes, you should know how to make your own rocket stove, but keep in mind any you do make for an emergency is likely not going to fit well into a pack, and how many times can you use it for emergency cooking. In some cases, it makes more sense to purchase one that will last a lifetime, is easily packed, and weighs just three pounds.

I am not sold on anything that cannot be adapted to the environment and has multiple uses. A one use tool or piece of equipment tends to get left behind for home emergencies, and yet we all need something for what ifs while out hiking. A day hike can turn into a nightmare quick, so you do have to be prepared, but you don’t want to be lugging around a 50-pound pack, so you have to choose carefully.

The Hot Ash Wood Burning Rocket Stove fits in the condor h20 pouch for easy packing, by the way, so pick one up if you want an excellent carrying pouch for the stove. This stove is designed well and packs up easily and quickly.

HotAsh Rocket Stove

Very little wood is required to boil water for purification and for making your favorite dehydrated foods along the trail. Virtually any organic material can be used to make a fire. No need to overload the firebox, in fact, it would be counterproductive to do so.

This stove burns so hot it actually burns off a good portion of the wood gases, thus leaving a cleaner environment and less of a smoke signature if you need to worry about your smoke being spotted. Burns hot and clean, a perfect combination.

The Hot Ash Stove is a lifetime stove, it is made that good, and once you unpack it you will realize why it will last a lifetime. It can cook a meal, boil water, and even warm your hands. Make sure you always carry a quality metal nesting cup so you have the means to purify water or boil water for meals.

At three pounds, this stove does not add that much weight, but weight is a factor for hikers and other outdoor enthusiast. You do need a way to heat water and food and a campfire is not always practical because it takes a tremendous amount of wood to maintain a good fire, wood that might not be available because it is wet or simply non-existent. The Hot Ash Stove can cook your dinner and boil water with just a handful of twigs, twigs that you can carry in your pack if you feel that wood will be scarce or wet.

You can use heat (fuel) tabs with this stove, as well, if you need to go into stealth mode while out in the wilds. It may be a good idea to carry some heat tabs with you so you don’t have to worry about wet wood or lack of wood. As stated earlier any organic material can be used to include wood pellets.

HotAsh Rocket Stove Boiling Water

Remember this stove is for outdoor use only. It cannot be used indoors, because of dangerous gases, and the use of lighter fluids is certainly not recommended for starting a fire in this stove.

Make sure you carry fire-starting aids with you such as cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly. With cotton balls and a few twigs, you will have a fire going in no time under virtually any conditions.

You can use a cooking surface up to 12 inches in diameter with this stove, so a frying pan can be utilized to fry fish or wild game or whatever you have, and certainly, a pot can be used to cook food or heat water. Depending on how cold it is you can rapid boil a quart of water in 10 minutes or less.

The Hot Ash Stove is made in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee and retails for $140 dollars. You can learn more about the hot ash at