JD Dutra’s Dark Ages: 2020 Review

JD Dutra Dark Ages 2020

It’s not often that when you’re reading a book that you stop for a second and go, “Wait, is this happening right now? In real life!” Well I found myself thinking that one too many times in JD Dutra’s Dark Ages: 2020. This is the tale of a Secret Society that sets out to initiate their plan of a “better world”. We follow a cast of extremely relatable characters in their attempts at keeping a “life” together amidst all that’s going on. There’s also something very dark and disturbing lurking in the shadows of the story that brings an element of mystery into the plot, for a very enjoyable read.

A New World Order has devised a plan: To wipe out majority of the world’s population, which enables them to bring about a new era of their design. This isn’t the first time either, the same group was responsible for The Black Plague. Which in turn resulted in The Renaissance. Their ties are global, their history is ancient, and their power is unmatched. To make matters worse, the president of the United States is starting to have his doubts about the entire plan itself.

In the middle of all of the chaos, we also follow a CIA agent who is having an internal battle between his work and home life. A group of petty criminals manage to bumble their way into some real trouble when they uncover some information that could possibly endanger one of the city’s most well-known philanthropist. An Average Joe is locked up for tax evasion, in a miserable tent-city jail in Arizona, while everything is going on. He gets a lot more information from the outside than he could ever imagine as the story progresses.

This was an extremely well written book that made for an absolutely page-turning experience. After finishing the book, I was left wanting more, and a whole lot of it. Anyone that’s into conspiracies, the apocalypse, action novels, or thrillers will love it. To be honest this book has a little bit for everyone, and I am certainly looking forward to more from this author. Get your copy on of Dark Ages: 2020 on Amazon!

Review By: KYPrepper89