Jade Helm 15 and the Terrorist Attack in Texas

Jade Helm 15

Looking for conspiracies is like looking for a face in the clouds, you will find one if you want too. Is Jade Helm 15 a conspiracy?

Noun: con·spir·a·cy \kən-ˈspir-ə-sē\ A secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal. The act of secretly planning to do something that is harmful or illegal (Merriam Webster Dictionary, 2015).

If using the exact definition Jade Helm would not be a conspiracy, because it is no secret. It is publicized if you know where to look. Is it harmful, and to whom would it be harmful too, is the question. Some people believe it is a training exercise to ready the country for Martial Law.

Frankly, given the state of affairs in this country, and around the world anything is possible, but what you have to look at is how likely it is, and the motive for such a move.

The battlefield has changed, terrorist live among us now, and the event in Garland Texas only emphasizes that fact. When the battle changes, plans change. The military could be looking at scenarios where the military may have to engage enemy forces on American soil. 

The planning phase would ask the question, can the American Military function effectively in American cities, and can it take it to the enemy in an urban setting on American soil. The exercise phase would determine, or attempt to determine whether the current plans are feasible or not, what the impact on the citizens would be, and then they may do collateral damage assessments.

Some Americans however, believe that they are the enemy that the military would take it too, because they believe that Martial Law is the objective. Are there facts that prove or disprove this theory, not really? Anything is possible, but how likely, and what is the motive, what is the end game? There has to be an end game. The government would not just impose Martial law and leave it at that, or would they.

Of course it could be a training exercise, for “just in case”, but the military has been around awhile, there have been procedures and policies concerning Martial Law in place for decades, there are backup plans to backup plans. The military will tweak plans as situations change, revise plans as new technology becomes available, and then conduct training exercises.

Jade Helm is a training exercise as defined by the Pentagon, and keep in mind the military has conducted these types’ of exercises for decades. The problem is, citizens do not know, why now and why this one. Is it because of the possible threat of terrorists crossing the Southern Border?

How Does This Affect You

Martial Law would affect you, but the likelihood of the military trying to take over Texas citizens is so slim as not to be considered even plausible at this point. Has the military conducted training exercises to impose Martial Law, of course, just as during the cold war classrooms of children practiced drills where they ran into the hallways and put their heads in their arms against the wall. Nuclear war drills, feasible then, possible now.

The biggest concern, and not just for Texans, but for the entire United States is the number of people suspected of having ties to terrorist organizations that apparently have free rein in the United States.

How is it that someone on a so-called watch list could purchase firearms without anyone being aware of it, and then drive from Arizona to Texas with a trunk load of weapons? Who, what, when and where is the question. What or who is the next target.

A coincidence that the military is planning training exercises in Texas, and then there is a suspected terrorist attack in Texas? How to impose Martial Law may not be the reason for the training.

If you are doing threat assessments you would have to look at the series of events, and wonder if there is a threat, whether credible or not, that is not being disclosed to the public at large.

You Have To Prepare For The Eventuality

It has happened, and it will happen again, a terrorist attack or call it what you will, will happen again. Essentially, short of stopping the attack before it happens, the only thing you can do is to decrease your chances of being injured or worse when an attack happens.

Unfortunately, just the fact that you have to be prepared means you have changed your lifestyle even if it is minor changes. Some may say this means the terrorist have won, it may also mean you stay alive to reminisce about it all.

However, survival is your objective, and you do what you have to do to ensure you and your family survives. This may mean you have to forgo symbolic events, avoid celebrations that draw large crowds on certain holidays, and avoid large gatherings of any sort.

There are risks, and there will always be risks, and just the fact you are aware of them means you are better prepared. Nothing is 100 percent, but you can put the percentages on your side by paying attention and thinking ahead when it comes to making trips, going to ball games and doing other things that may make the event or yourself a target.

Common sense has to play a role, and yet you cannot stop being an American. It is a balance, it always has been a balance, and to live here in the United States you have to learn to balance.