Preppers Maintain Course

Preppers Maintain Course

It’s Not the End of the World but you can see it from Here

The Internet is always “abuzz” a new drama, a new situation you need to prepare for is just waiting for you to click through and find out what it is. Hurry, hurry a new crisis is brewing somewhere and you had better get ready. It is enough sometimes to make your head spin.

There is the Ebola scare and then mosquito borne tropical diseases that no one can pronounce the names of in this country right now. This is enough to turn anyone into a hypochondriac, worrying whether you have the symptoms or not, and should I go to the doctor or wait until it’s too late. Then you have city water contaminated by toxins from algae, violent rioting and looting over a shooting, and then there is Russia, Iran, Iraq, the Southern Border, and a host of other problems simmering and bubbling away, all about to boil over.

Anyone of the above mentioned could spiral out of control, and the world as you know could cease to exist. Could is the key word however, not likely in some of the cases mentioned, but possible. The world will not end in the literal sense however, it will change, and people simply have to adapt or they may not survive.

Natural selection if one is inclined to believe in it, may determine who lives and who dies in some situations. In most cases, the best prepared for the crisis itself wins the first round. They survive the initial crisis. The immediate affects are dealt with. They had prepared for the crisis, but they may not be necessarily prepared for the aftermath, the days after can be the most difficult.

Those that survive the second round had a sufficient stockpile of supplies, because they realized it will likely take some time for the country to get its footing again, they looked ahead, but maybe not far enough ahead.

Self-sustaining rounds it all out, because those that are self-sustaining realize that supplies run out eventually and they know the conventional ways of re-supplying may not be available. They realize they need to develop their own sources. They know that renewable sources are what will keep them alive and that the government and others around them cannot be depended upon for anything.

It is not always survival of the fittest, it is survival of the smartest, and generally, the smart ones are the best-prepared ones. Best prepared because they prepared for the entire crisis, the crisis itself and then the immediate days after the crisis and then they prepared for the effects of the crisis. The long grueling times it takes for towns, cities, communities and the country to come back together again.

Civil Unrest Is In the News

There is no point in hashing out what caused the rioting and looting in Ferguson Mo. because if it’s not about one thing it will be about another, in another city, another town at another time. The best way to survive civil unrest is to be not seen as part of the problem, in other words, stay off the streets.

Police officers and now the National Guard will develop the “round them all up and sort it out later” mentality. You will be viewed as part of the problem if you are out milling around, innocent as your intentions are, this is the reality of the situation.

You as a Prepper will have to change your routines, maybe even hunker down at home, and avoid certain areas at certain times during civil unrest. Even through some stores and stations may be open, you may not feel comfortable or simply are not able to get to them. This is what you prepare for, prepare as you would for any crisis. Have essential supplies on hand at all times, because you never know when you will be denied access to stores and gas stations and even medical facilities.

Use your head At Times like These

Walking around obviously armed is not a good idea as much as you may think you need to. Police and others will not stop and consider the why of it but will only see you are armed and could be a threat, so use some common sense when out during violent civil unrest. Going armed maybe your right but it may not always be prudent to show everyone you are armed. There are times you need to be discreet and other times you need to show force, know when and how.

Prepare For the Long Haul

There are disasters that can disrupt your life for an extended period and this means that regardless of the crisis you will need essentials for the entire period. Stockpiles are important, but they run out, and so this takes us to the third phase of any situation and that is sustainability. Can you survive on your own for an extended crisis or for as long as needed?

You cannot set a timeline, and say I can survive for two years but not three, that is not how survival works. You have to assume as far as being prepared is concerned you are on your own forever, so anything short of forever is a plus, but prepare as if it will never end.

Develop Your Own Sources

Most families in America have less than 72-hours of essential supplies on hand. After 72 hours, life becomes complicated during a crisis, and most people have no way of providing themselves with food and water during any time, let alone during a crisis that does not involve going to the store or turning on their tap.

Being prepared means you have food and water regardless of what is going on around you. Even if you just have a year’s supply of food in the pantry, you know how to hunt and forage for more, and you have the means to begin growing your own food. Being prepared is not just about having food and water on hand but knowing how to develop sources of food and water, when what you have on hand runs out.

Maintain the course regardless of the crisis. You do not have to prepare specifically for civil unrest because the effects of it would be the same as a natural disaster in some cases. You are essentially trapped in your own home for a period, at some point it does not matter the reasons why. You have to focus on the reality, and that is, you are on your own for an extended period possibly. You prepare for the facts of the matter, and the affects a situation will have on you and your community.

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Secur Waterproof Solar/Dynamo Ed Flashlight Review

Secur Solar Dynamo Flashlight

The Waterproof Solar/Dynamo has the best of both worlds, solar and crank power. What is one of the first things an emergency checklist has on it, batteries of course? Batteries are expensive, and they do not last long, or as long as they should relevant to how much they cost. They can corrode in your pack or device and it seems when you need them the most they fail.

Secur Waterproof Solar Dynamo Ed Flashlight Model Number Sp-1002

  • The Solar Dynamo Never Needs Batteries
  • It Charges by Built-in Dynamo or Solar Panel
  • It is Waterproof to 45 feet
  • 3 functions one LED, three LEDs, or three LEDs flashing


  • Flashlight power is up to 8 Lumens
  • Lighting time with a full charge is 4 hours using 3 LEDs, 8 hours with 1 LED
  • Charging time, 1 minute of cranking equals 80 minutes lighting using 1 LED
  • Charging time of 1 hour in direct sunlight gives you 120 minutes lighting using 1 LED
  • Life of LEDs is 50000 hours
  • Battery capacity , 80 mAh, Ni-MH battery
  • 6” x 2.5” x 1.75”

With the Solar/Dynamo flashlight, you can crank for a few minutes and have all the lighting you need for any task or any emergency. During the day, you can simply leave, it in full sunlight, and it will fully charge, no effort, no batteries, and no worries using the built in solar panel. The built in solar panel can fully charge the device with no need for cranking.

Secur waterproof flashlight

Secure the flashlight to the outside of your pack so it receives direct sunlight, and it will be fully charged when ready to make camp for the night.

Waterproof to 45 feet, that is 45 feet underwater that it’s waterproof up to, so it’s not just “water resistant”. This makes it perfect for any task in any emergency use it in a pouring rain, during a flood or any disaster.

Its dark, it is raining hard and your car has slid off the road, you need a light you can depend on. You have enough to worry about so never be in the position again where you have to worry if the batteries are fresh, wonder how long they will last and can anyone see me standing on the side of the road. You need a strong dependable light at this point and you need one that will not fail, in the rain, sleet or snow.

You can use the 3 LEDs flashing mode if you need to signal for help, or to indicate your position in the dark, in any situation.

Why do manufactures sometimes give a depth when describing waterproof devices? It either is waterproof or not, right. There is a difference between “waterproof” and can something be submerged. Water pressure increases the deeper underwater you are, so this means the waterproof seals must be manufactured to hold tight under pressure at certain depths, so to be waterproof at 45 feet means it meets a very high standard of manufacturing.

Some so-called waterproof devices cannot be submerged because they are not manufactured to withstand water pressure. Some device are considered waterproof in a rainstorm but cannot be submerged without permanently damaging the device. Just like a diving watch, some are rated for certain depths while others would fail at that depth, but can be worn when washing hands, in the rain or even when showering without damage.

The Waterproof Solar Dynamo Ed Flashlight is also great for camping and one ideal use is for trail lighting. Imagine trying to stumble to the latrine in the dead of night in the woods. Easy enough to get lost trip or knock your head on a limb, all this just a few yards from camp in the dark.

Why not set a few Solar/Dynamos along the trail. With a full charge at the “1 Lumens” setting, you get eight hours of lighting, which makes it ideal for trail marking. You can leave any trail marked for hours at night to guide others to your campsite, or to help you find your way around camp. The best part is no need to put in fresh batteries in the morning.

The Flashlight has a lanyard slot for attaching cordage or you can use it with a hook. This means the light can be secured to any pack, hung around the neck with a breakaway lanyard, or hung overhead for hands free working at night or even for reading inside your tent.

Have one in your bug-out-bag, home workshop, home emergency kit and certainly have one in every vehicle.

The Secur Waterproof Solar/Dynamo Ed Flashlight can be purchased for $19.99 to see a full line of their products visit

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Disinfect Water with Bleach (infographic)

Lists, Lists and More Lists But is There Anything New About Survival

Survival Lists

Survival Is an Age Old Practice

Survival; continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances (

We live in spite of what happens, in some cases people live regardless of their lack of preparations, but the chances of survival will increase if you are prepared. We overcome, adapt and push forward.

Being prepared is a state of readiness that if not maintained at all times can mean the difference between surviving and not, but this is nothing new, even the threats for the most part are nothing new.

The weapons today are bigger and can kill more people at once, but then again there are more people to kill today so it may all be relative. Natural disasters may cause more damage because there are more structures in the way, and because people live on the edges of oceans and in the shadows of volcanoes and on earthquake fault lines. Weapons used by humans and nature have always caused death and injury and will continue to do so as long as there are humans on the planet.

In ancient times, people died by the thousands from diseases and natural disasters, and entire villages, with thousands of people in them were wiped out by warfare in a single day.

Too Much Information

The problem that some new to prepping can encounter is information overload. Ten minutes of research on the Internet may convince some people that each crisis must be prepared for as a separate entity, separate training, separate supplies, separate gear, and it all adds up in people’s minds to an economic burden, a burden many cannot shoulder. This can mean in some cases, that people simply do not even attempt to become prepared.

There are some catastrophes however, that may require specialized gear, materials or equipment, but for the most part emergency supplies are not disaster specific.

It is time for an honest evaluation of what is in reality needed for survival, to be able to survive any situation. Take away the bells and whistles and magical devices and look hard at what it really takes to survive.

There Is Nothing New About Survival It Boils Down To Knowing What to Expect

Emergency conditioning or what the military calls battle proofing, which is a mental and physical conditioning exercise. You rehearse mentally by going over in your mind various actions you would expect to take in any given situation. In many cases you can physically rehearse as well, go through the actual motions, practice, practice and more practice.

People survive every day, every day there are varying degrees of disasters that have to be overcome.

People “battle proof” to get through every day, people review checklists in their heads, where do I turn to get where I need to go, how many stoplights are there and so forth. Soldiers before battle close their eyes and imagine the noise, the smells, and the feeling. They see themselves in the midst of what they expect to happen.

Training and Experience Builds Confidence So You Can Survive Anything

Watching a video on how to create fire using a bow and drill, for example, is not the same as you doing it. You do not have any experience yet, you only gain that by doing. You need to train, and then gain and that is gain experience by doing.

It is important that you have a reasonable expectation of how things will turn out. If you have never started a fire with materials other than matches and lighters then you can expect failure in the middle of the woods if you do not have matches and a lighter. Survival is about knowing what to do when you need to do it. Guessing is not the same as knowing.

Paranoia Is Not a Good Thing

Some believe it is necessary to be paranoid and being hyper-vigilant to some people is the same as situational awareness, it is not however. Staying informed and being able to cull out the conspiracy theories and gather real time intelligence is not paranoia.

Confidence in your training and knowing you have the experience allows you to go about your daily routines without looking over your shoulder every few minutes and it keeps you from jumping at shadows. You cannot go about your day always on the verge of panic. People panic because they do not know what to do next. Again, it is train and gain.

We tend to fear things we do not know and fear can kill, because people make the wrong decisions because of it. Take the Ebola outbreak for example. One of the reasons the outbreak is spreading is because people in Africa fear their government. Hospitals and aid workers to them represent the government and many people refuse to seek help, or to let medical professionals near their loved ones. Fear in Africa is killing people and spreading the disease.

Many in Africa simply do not understand how the disease is transmitted because they do not trust what is told to them and in addition, certain customs and beliefs do not allow people to do anything different. Some if not many people in Africa have every reason to fear their government however.

Here in the United States though, most people would not hesitate to seek medical help if they suspected they were infected, people fear the disease but not their doctors. Of course, a certain number of people will be infected if there is an outbreak and some will die, but is it very unlikely that there would be a pandemic in this country.

The only way to overcome fear so fear itself does not kill you is by gaining knowledge. Know what you can expect if there is an Ebola outbreak in the U.S., know how to protect yourself and others. Once you know what to do, the fear will subside, and this is how you increase your chances of survival.

Know what you are up against, do your own research. Do not fall prey to glaring headlines, then run out, and start gathering supplies, tools and gadgets because some article on the Internet told you to do so. Research first and then use common sense before running out and buying up everything on the list. There are lists everywhere with the supplies and materials you need along with gadgets and shiny survival tools, some make sense and others are obviously out to get into your wallet or purse.

You likely already know what is needed to survive a crisis as far as supplies and materials are concerned. You need those same supplies and materials to survive everyday right now without there being a crisis. You use most of them every day.

You do need to stockpile essentials of course. You need a supply of essentials beyond what is needed for every day use, because right now you can re-supply whereas, during a crises you cannot. You may find however, that many of the items on the lists may be right in your own home.

You cannot wait for something to happen and then try to prepare mentally, physically and attempt to gather the material things needed. Being ready is not a new concept though. It was not invented with the Prepper movement.

There are threats everywhere, and threats to humans have been present since humans took their first walk on the planet. Survival is not a new concept it did not come about because of the Internet.

What information technology has done however is made people more aware of the dangers and allows people to gather information to better survive those threats. On the other hand, the Internet has allowed people to make statements that may not be true and to propose threats that are pure fantasy. This has and will continue to cause others to act upon that false information.

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14 Home Remedies for Arthritis & Joint Pain

Arthritis Joint Pain Remedies

Some of us take our freedom of movement for granted, until it becomes limited. Arthritis joint pain can affect you 24 hours a day wether you are standing or sitting, the pain can be excruciating. There are two main kinds of arthritis, osteo and rheumatoid, which affects the joints in different ways but whichever you may experience, there are natural remedies for you to manage the pain and ease the symptoms of arthritis. So if you’re unsure about taking harsh prescription pain medications to relieve your arthritis pain then you might want to try some of these home remedies. Check out:

14 Home Remedies for Arthritis & Joint Pain

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Gunfight in Milwaukee: Calling 911 May Not Be Your Best Option

Gunfight Milwaukee

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. who happens to be a staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights is in a reelection bid for the county sheriff’s job. His opponent is a police lieutenant who seems to have an opposite view about the Second Amendment.

Sheriff Clarke was roundly criticized for telling citizens to arm themselves and to shoot for the center of mass after a round of budgets cuts. Budget cuts that could or would slow response times by law enforcement personnel, in other words you may be on your own and so calling 911 may not be the best option in Milwaukee County.

The sheriff also encouraged everyone to take firearm classes to ensure they could safely handle a firearm.

The sheriff stresses that protection is not a spectator sport and that everyone essentially needs to have some skin in the game. In other words, you can, and should look to yourself, as well as look to local authorities when it comes to defending yourself, family and possessions (, 2014).

The Milwaukee County Sheriff realizes that police cannot be all things to all people and that we all need to take responsibility for ourselves as much as possible. This is not just a discussion about gun rights it is about being responsible citizens in every sense.

There is no point in going over the law. It has been settled by the Supreme Court, and more than once the courts have reaffirmed the rights of most American citizens to bear arms and use lethal force in self-defense. Where the lines are blurred is outside the home and an immediate threat versus not so immediate, and who can know for sure if their life is really in danger or is it simply fear for your life. Stand your ground laws are murky at best.

If someone smashes in your door, you have to assume the threat is real and your life is in danger. The Sheriff realizes they cannot respond fast enough because of limited resources if someone kicks in your front door. They could not respond fast enough even if a deputy was parked across the street. Home intrusions are quick and you must react quickly, there is no time in some cases to call 911 anyway. You may have to deal with the threat yourself.

What is disturbing is that the Sheriff’s reelection is not guaranteed, he is struggling in the polls, and it should be a slam-dunk. Where are the gun rights activists that live and vote in the district? Who is there standing up for the sheriff, and ultimately for the Second Amendment. Why is what he said so strange to so many people? Has everyone simply given up and turned him or herself over to be cared for by the local authorities.

The point of all this is to remind people that you and you alone in many cases are ultimately responsible for your own well-being. The cavalry charging over the hill to rescue you may just be wishful thinking if the nation keeps going in the direction it is now headed.

People wander off on hikes ill prepared and end up getting lost or stranded. One of the reasons for this is that they know in the back of their minds that they can expect help to arrive at some point. If you knew no one was available to help you in any situation, you would prepare differently, so why not prepare assuming no one is there to help you.

Of course, everyone sleeps better at night knowing the police and others are out there ready to help, but how will you survive if they are no longer out there or the 911 calls go unanswered because of budget cuts. Cities are going broke and some may not be able to afford to have a full time police force, so whom do you call. Look to yourself first.

People are preparing for major disasters, super volcanoes, magnitude 10.0 earthquakes, and even a comet strike. However, a catastrophe is unfolding slowly before our very eyes, so slow in fact; no one is paying attention and some will not know about it until it all stops. Until the cops stop answering the phone, until homes burn to the ground because the fire department is broke, until cities stop existing. Until there is, no one left to call for help.

People will not understand until there is nothing but boarded up homes and cracked sidewalks with weeds poking through in the cities in which they live. The money will stop flowing when people are taxed beyond what they make. People will stop paying, and local governments will stop operating.

You will not know it is here until you are the only one left standing. When it is, only you left to defend it all. (2014). Retrieved 2014, from


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7 Methods of Primitive Fire Starting

primitive Fire Starting

You find yourself in the woods, night is falling and the warmth from the setting sun is fading. Temps are dropping quick and your bones are starting to chill. You need fire, but a matches are a luxury you no longer have.

You do have a pair of shoes and a pocket knife. How will they help you start a fire? Check out this excellent article below by field and stream to learn 7 primitive methods to start a fire.

Read more at… 7 Methods of Primitive Fire Starting

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A Prepper’s First HAM Station

Ham radio Station

Every prepper should be a licensed HAM radio operator. Getting your HAM radio license involves a bit of study, but there are plenty of step by step resources available that will guide you down the path. But once you have your license, what next? Choosing the proper equipment is a little daunting, what do you need?  What type of radio will perform locally or worldwide? This article by the Tin Hat Ranch should straighten out any questions you may have about what types of equipment you need and how much it costs.

A Prepper’s First HAM Station

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It’s Strange We Haven’t Heard From Our Government on How to Prep For Ebola

Prep for ebola

Right after 9/11, the federal government strongly suggested that Americans prepare for another attack. Duct tape, plastic for windows, flashlights and stock up on emergency essentials.

Why is the federal government not making suggestions on how Americans can protect themselves against Ebola? They state the obvious of course, do not travel, do not get close to people that appear sick, tell your doctor where you have traveled, and oh by the way wash your hands.

Two experts on Ebola were infected, and they were supposedly wrapped up tighter than an astronaut out for a space walk. Wash your hands indeed.

It is very troublesome, that a doctor and a nurse or aid worker were exposed to the virus despite their best efforts and years of training along with state of the art protective gear. They, more than anyone, knew the dangers, and knew how to protect him or herself. This does not bode well for the rest of us.

By admitting, that the two Americans needed to be brought to the U.S. to survive the virus, essentially told everyone left behind that they are going to die. This is not a discussion on whether they should have brought back or not, that is left up to you to decide.

The point is the United States essentially admits that the virus cannot be controlled and treated successfully in the countries where it started. If it cannot be controlled it will spread, and eventually will be worldwide.

What should concern you is that it cannot be controlled here either. Of course, Emory Hospital after 12 years of building an isolation ward can handle two patients with Ebola. What happens however, when dozens start streaming in daily with fevers and rashes?

Not many hospitals have spent the last 12 years and millions of dollars building an isolation floor. What happens when hundreds across the country start filling up emergency rooms, even if they do not have the virus, just the mere thought of hundreds having it will cause the medical system to stumble badly.

It will take days to test just a few patients in any hospital, and even if they test negative, others left waiting may test positive. The system is not set up to do this, and this is why the government does not want to tell you how to prepare, because this would be an admittance of sorts.

One other thing that is bothersome. Airport security screeners simply ask if you have been in a country that has had an outbreak. If you really want to get to America or back to America you are going to lie and of course say no, never have been anywhere near an outbreak. On one hand, the experts state this is the worst outbreak in history and then turn around and say no need to worry, which makes it even more worrisome.

The serum seemed to appear as if by magic as well. It takes years to develop drugs to combat diseases and the process for approval is a long and grueling affair. Understandably, in dire emergencies rules and regulations can be sidestepped, but still, it seems peculiar to say the least. The FDA has had plenty of opportunities to approve or fast track other so-called miracle drugs, which could possibly save lives. They did not in most cases.

The government thinks that just because they have isolation rooms or so-called quarantine areas in airports they can stop the spread. Impossible, someone, even dozens of people will slip through that have the virus. There have been hundreds of incidents where contraband and even explosives have slipped through airport security. The security screeners are going to be scared to death to get near anyone let alone haul them off to some isolation room. Ebola will arrive here, probably already is here.

As the CDC has stated “it is all hands on deck”. It should be all hands on deck for you as well, not panic but step it up, and pay attention to what is happening around you. Make sure you stay informed. Watch the news and read the papers. You cannot believe all you hear and read about but cull through the conspiracy rants to get to the truth, so you know how to better prepare.

This is by no means a rant or about any conspiracies, because there is no conspiracy. There is incompetency however, and a failure to communicate to the American people what is really going on. When elected officials do not tell you what they are planning to do to help, it means they have no plans for what to do, and this should scare us all. When the government stops talking, is when you had better start listening.

Pay attention to what is not being said by the government. In their silence, you may find some answers.

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Civil Unrest Will Be A Threat Sooner Rather Than Later

Civil Unrest

The World Is becoming More Dangerous by the Day

Starting back with the Continental Army and through today, civil unrest or even minor insurrections have been part of the American fabric. People turn to their government in times of strife, and then when the citizens realize their government is not prepared or unwilling to help or change then those same citizens will turn against their government. People will march on Washington, they will hold signs and chant their displeasure, but when fear enters the picture, they will be carrying more than just signs.

Demonstrations and protest are relatively common ways to enact change in this country. However, what happens when people fear for their lives and the lives of friends and family and they find out the government is unable to help or to control the situation. What will happen when the social structure collapses and anarchy rules all because of a major catastrophe?

Soon the crisis that started it all becomes irrelevant, because the effects of the crisis become the story. This is when civil unrest becomes the crisis in and of itself. Demonstrations become violent and angry fearful people will be capable of destroying government offices, businesses and private homes, and anyone can be a target just by being in the wrong place.

It seems that the world is spiraling out of control and there is one crisis after another, and eventually the ripples of all the strife, violence and killings will wash up on our shores. The pot will boil over, and to survive it you must be prepared.

Standing Your Ground

Unless you “bug-out” days in advance, which means you would have had a warning, you will have to shelter in place. You cannot reasonably expect to flee your community or city in the midst of rioting and violent demonstrations. You also have to assume that civil unrest is nationwide possibly because of an Ebola outbreak or a financial collapse or one of the nations bent on our destruction finally broke through the firewalls and have created havoc with the power grids or water treatment plants. The calamities that could cause civil unrest are simply too numerous to list.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa “to be an international public health emergency that requires an extraordinary response” (WHO, 2014).

What you will have to prepare for is what the fear of getting the virus will do to people. Just the thought of the virus spreading in this country will create civil unrest. It will force people into seclusion in their own homes, and some will believe any stranger or even a friend is a potential carrier, so anyone within sight is a danger to those secluded. People will kill others if they think they may be carrying the virus. This is an extreme scenario, but it would not take much for it to become a reality here in the United States.

Prepare For the Worst Case Scenario

It goes without saying you will need personal protection, firearms in other words. Pepper spray and stun guns are a non-lethal alternative and of course can be used in conjunction with firearms. Some family members may be more comfortable with stun batons, stun guns and/or pepper spray.

Keep it sensible, and practical, you are not trying to outfit a platoon of soldiers. You are protecting your family and you will be in a defensive security posture. You have to assume that each member at some point would have to use one of those firearms at some point so purchase them with this in mind.

You need a zone, an area you can control with limited resources, remember it may just be you and a few family members, and so keep it simple. You cannot roam the streets like some modern day vigilante. Finding trouble before it finds you will only work in the movies.

Your home becomes a castle that must be protected, and technically, you will be under siege. Not under siege in the literal sense, but for all practical purposes you cannot leave, so this means you need to have what is needed to survive inside your home. You cannot run out to the corner store, because it has been looted, the gas stations will either be on fire or boarded up or both. You have only you and your family at this point.

You cannot have too much water so inventory and begin stockpiling even more, because medical emergencies will require more water than is usually needed for just hydration.

Utilities may or may not be disrupted in the short-term but if the civil unrest continues, you can expect to see disruptions. This means no water, electricity nor gas for cooking and heating.

There are thousands of lists out on what you need to survive any crisis. Use common sense and remember certain disasters may require specialized equipment and materials, so when doing your treat assessment consider this. Right now, the threat (s) other than the so-called usual ones is the Ebola virus.

You may need to add to your medical supplies based on the threat of deadly viruses loose in the world. Focus on protective gear for those treating victims and materials for isolation of patients and then supplies for sanitation. You will need supplies for disinfecting areas and hands such as chlorine bleach, bar soap, alcohol based hand sanitizer and plenty of disposable hand towels.

It may be just a matter of waiting things out. The looters will run out of places to loot and other criminals will be dealt with as they begin to act out. It will not take long for sides to be drawn up. You will have your troublemakers and then those people volunteering to help others, and then those that simply do not know what to do, and then you will have those that just want to be left alone to ride out the crisis.

If there is an outbreak, you can expect federal troops, and governmental medical experts to be in the area. Do not give the troops any reason to suspect you are part of any problem. Stay out of their way and follow curfews, avoid restricted areas and follow quarantine orders if it is suitable to your needs. However, if you suspect Martial Law will be enacted then you have decisions to make. Find out if it will be local or nationwide and then decide accordingly.

WHO. (2014). Retrieved 2014, from

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