8 Lightning-Fast Vegetables For Your Fall Garden

fast Growing vegetables

With Summer waning and yields on your spring crops winding down, right now is the time to start planting for a fall crop. Plenty of species will do well, giving you a bumper crop to get you through the winter. It is best to get into this practice now, not when you need it, as you want to learn the slight variances between spring and late summer planting. Check out:

8 Lightning-Fast Vegetables For Your Fall Garden

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Prepping is Not a Game

Prepping is not a Game

Preppers When Will It Ever Truly Be Safe To Drink the Water Again

TOLEDO, Ohio – “A water ban that had hundreds of thousands of people in Ohio and Michigan scrambling for drinking water has been lifted, Toledo’s mayor announced Monday” (Associated Press, 2014).

How many more stories do we need to hear about contaminated drinking water? The latest in Toledo Ohio is likely a manmade disaster because of sewage runoff and runoff carrying fertilizers that ended up in Lake Erie. The combination apparently created an algae bloom that in turn created a deadly toxin. The problem is that sewage and fertilizer runoff has been around for decades, hundreds of years in some cases.

Is it the treatment plant that fell asleep at the switch, or is it not enough regulation of runoff. It is hard to imagine that regulations are at fault, because it seems we as a nation are regulated beyond comprehension, so it would appear at first blush that someone fell short in their duties. What else is going to come up short, because people are infallible and make mistakes? The problem is the mistakes being made in this country are piling up, and who is going to become sick or die, because of it.

Algae bloom today, what will tomorrow bring, and will it be caught in time. When will an organization bent on killing people, realize that municipalities simply are not paying attention. Next time will it be a purposeful act, sabotage in other words.

Hospitals had to cancel surgeries because the sterilization process or high heat in other words, apparently concentrates the toxin, so this means that boiling the water would not make it safe to drink, and obviously, filtration will not remove the toxin either. This is just another example of how vulnerable we all are, and how much we have to rely on others to tell us when it is safe to drink the water. How many consumed the water before someone realized it was toxic.

What Can You Do

Self-preservation dictates you start to reduce your dependency from your local municipality. You have to realize that you cannot always rely on your government to protect you in some instances. You have to take steps to protect yourself. At the very least get a complete home, water filtration system, a quality one, and stockpile water of course.

If you have the land and the means then drilling or even digging, your own well is a good step. Even if the well is a backup emergency well it will give you more options. What options do you have if you do not have a stockpile of water, or another reliable water source, and the local store shelves are empty? This is another wake up call, a call to action if you will.

Prepping is not a game, a weekend endeavor among friends. It is serious and must be taken seriously, or you and your family will suffer. It is not just about drinking water it is also about viruses that are now in this country. Diseases with names no one can pronounce. It is about all of the looming disasters out there, disasters at this point to numerous to even count.

The Sword of Damocles hangs above us all. That sense of foreboding you have may soon become reality. Listen to that voice and prepare, as you know you need to.

Waking up one morning and being told your drinking water contains toxins is a crisis, and you must be prepared to deal with it. It can happen in your town at any time. It is not just your home affected either, hospitals, doctors offices and restaurants had to close because of the problem. When will anyone in Toledo ever feel confident in his or her drinking water again?

You cannot walk around with your head in the sand. You have to have situational awareness. Pay attention to what is going on around you. Nothing should catch you by surprise, because if it does it probably means you are not prepared for it, like the 400,000 plus people in Toledo.

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7 Bug Out Tips from Backpackers

Bug Out tips Backpackers

Not only does backpacking allow you to get out and enjoy nature, but it’s one of the greatest forms of exercise to help you train should you ever have to bug out. Backpackers have been practicing “emergency preparedness” and “survival” skills long before these movements even had a name, so if anyone can give you some great real world bug out tips a backpacker sure can. So check out these 7 excellent tips to help make sure you and your bug out bag are ready to go should you ever have to bug out. Check out:

7 Bug Out Tips from Backpackers

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5 Ways to Use Tree Bark in a Survival Situation

Tree Bark

Under the rough and unfriendly outer appearance of most tree barks there is a wealth of useful materials that can be used for many survival tasks. One of the most popular uses for bark is tinder for your fire but in a survival situation there is so much more that you can do with this amazing material. Now that I have given away one of those uses, check out the article below for the remaining four and then think of other ways that you could use tree bark.

5 Ways to Use Tree Bark in a Survival Situation

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Carry Concealed Legally In 29 States

Carry Concealed Handgun

You did the right thing, you received the training you filled out all the paperwork. You followed the law. After all that, you then received your concealed carry permit, a permit from the state you live in, and now you exercise your constitutional right to carry, in the state you live in.

However, can you visit another state, can you go on vacation across country and still carry legally. Can you protect yourself and family in another jurisdiction, are you legal outside your state of residents, the state that issued your concealed carry permit.

Every state has their concept of what constitutes concealed carry. In some cases, concealed carry means having a firearm in the car while driving. This is considered “close proximity”. Typically, jurisdictions have arrangements previously established, so other states may, or will honor permits or licenses issued by other jurisdictions. This is called reciprocal recognition of concealed carry privileges and your rights to carry will vary state-to-state. The laws are based on the U.S. Constitution’s “full faith and credit” provision.

It would take more than a few pages to list all of the provisions and exceptions, in other words it is baffling, and you could easily get sideways of some provisions. There is legalese wording, which is confusing to say the least, and the last thing you need is to get jammed up on a technicality when all you want to do is have the ability to protect you and yours while in another state. There is a simple answer and you do not even need to leave your home to solve this sometimes-complex problem.

Arizona Concealed Online Concealed Carry Certification Is the Answer

They have already broken it down for you so you know exactly what the laws are and what states will honor you certification. You will know what your rights are and you can be certified to carry in 29 states and in some cases, (read the provisions carefully) up to 35 states depending on certain criteria. All this can be accomplished online, and in some cases, it can take less than an hour to certify.

Everyone knows that the piece of paper, your permit or license, does not make you an expert, it does not give you experience, but what it does give you is protection to some extent and peace of mind if you will. You will travel to other states at some point so why not have “all of your ducks in row’ before you do decide to travel.

You may even travel to more than one state as you venture along. You want your firearm with you and you want to know it is legal to carry it concealed. This is not a “well maybe I should” situation it is a yes you most defiantly should situation.

Protection of your family has always been the number one priority. Traveling is stressful enough, so no need to add to it by not being able to carry your firearm. Take the test and relieve the stress.

Travel from state to state knowing you have done everything you can to protect yourself and those you love, and even in some cases protect others around you. No one has to tell you how dangerous the world is, get yourself set up now, get protected and gain some peace of mind because in today’s world you need all you can get.

You know the reasons why it is important, the list is a long one, but the major reason is one, protection, and two it is your right as a citizen. You went through the process to do it right, to do it the legal way. Now is not the time to “become illegal”, which may be the case if you are not certified, so you know what 29 or 35 states you can travel in legally with a concealed firearm. No hassle, no having to make phone calls, and more importantly, not having to hide your firearm unloaded in the trunk or back of your vehicle.

Really, what good is a firearm out of arms length, unloaded in a locked trunk? The only person that would have use of the weapon is the one breaking into your vehicle.

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Bleach survival uses

5 Uses for Bleach During a Crisis or Survival Situation

It seems that everyone has a bottle of bleach either under his or her kitchen counter or in the laundry room. Bleach is used to whiten white clothing, remove stains from hard non-porous surfaces and to disinfect children’s toys, and in some cases used to sanitize clothing and to make biologically unsafe water potable, or safe for human consumption.

Sanitize Versus Disinfect

There is a distinction even through many assume the words are interchangeable. Essentially this article will not make a distinction but may interchange the words for emphasis.

In hospitals for example, to sanitize means to kills germs on surfaces to make them safe for contact. A doctor or nurse will “sanitize” their hands before seeing a patient. Sanitizing lessens the number of germs on contact surfaces, but typically does not kill all germs it simply reduces the number. Most hand sanitizing solutions claim to kill 99.99 percent, which means obviously not all germs are destroyed.

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Yes Ebola Can be Contained but Only If Experts Know It’s Here

Ebola Contained

What Happens When No One Knows it is here Though

“Federal agents working the Southern Border and their families exposed to lice, scabies, tuberculosis and chicken pox”, report says (Winter, 2014).

Do you suppose that the agents would intentionally expose themselves and ultimately their family, their children to these diseases and ailments, no of course not? This means they did not know they were being exposed. If they cannot figure out someone has chickenpox or tuberculosis, and protect themselves, how can they possibly know someone has Ebola and then take the proper precautions.

When will the Ebola virus come across the Southern Borders is the next question.

On top of all that, Emory Hospital in Atlanta is set to receive an Ebola patient. The medical care is much better here increasing the chances of survival according to most experts. Using this rational then all Ebola patients should be here, which of course would create a crisis that would essentially be uncontrollable.

Let us all hope no one carries this logic forward. The fact is the mortality rate would be lower if the medical facilities were better equipped in the countries where the current outbreak is. Given all this, is there another crisis looming?

Time to Get Serious about Your Preps and keep Your head Straight

Experts tell us that the Ebola virus is not airborne, in other words, you cannot “breathe in” the virus. This makes sense because if it were airborne more people would be infected and it would have been worldwide by now. The virus has been around supposedly since 1976.

This does not mean you take any chances, and take what others tell you at face value, expert or not, precautions must be taken. It is troubling that the two American doctors now fighting for their life contracted the disease given all of their training and preventative measures. You would have to assume they took every precaution, had all of the protective gear on, and yet still became infected this should tell us something.

Stay informed, pay attention to what is around you, and make sure you are prepared for quarantines and possibly even Martial Law (a remote possibility). This means you will not be able to travel, and children will have to be in the home with you at all times. This will take some preparations and now is the time to start.

There are rumors that the virus or this strain of it can be transmitted by air, there are five strains of the Ebola virus, and four of them are deadly to humans but they are not airborne viruses. You have to have contact with body fluids. There is no vaccine, no cure in other words. The disease until this point has been in very remote areas and victims die quickly making it difficult for experts to reach the areas and conduct the necessary studies. Maybe things will change going forward.

The biggest fear is fear of the unknown. You do not know if the virus is here in the United States and you cannot blindly trust anyone these days in particular politicians. As citizens, we are not told everything, and that is to keep some of us from over reacting.

People will panic and create a bigger problem and much of it will have to do with not having information, because the authorities are afraid to tell the citizens the truth.

However, you do not need anyone to tell you this is a problem now, and may turn into a crisis later. Prepare for the crisis, obviously, it is better to be prepared and not need those preparations then it is to wait until there is panic in the streets.

Winter, J. (2014, August 1). Retrieved 2014, from http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/08/01/unaccompanied-illegal-immigrant-kids-exposed-federal-agents-to-lice-scabies/

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Ebola Is More than Just a Deadly Virus: It Causes a Primal Fear in People

Ebola fear

Markets and businesses in some parts of Africa are closing down, schools are closing and airline travel is restricted. Fear of the Ebola virus will create a crisis in and of itself, anywhere the virus is, and anywhere it is suspected. This will happen in the United States as well.

Residents may very well panic if they suspect there is an Ebola patient (s) in a local hospital. People will not go to the hospital or to their doctor’s offices for care, and some may suffer as a result, but the fear of the virus is too great to do otherwise.

People will have a fear so deep they cannot think, and some may decide to flee if there is a suspected outbreak in their area. People will flee one crisis only to find themselves in another. People will attempt to bug-out in some cases, and if the local authorities believe there is an outbreak then people may not be allowed to leave, because contaminant of the virus will be a priority.

Keep in mind local law enforcement and first responders along with other local authorities will be fearful for themselves and for their families as well. Some may over react, expect some to over react, and expect your local government to overreact and do things they would not normally do.

Schools may close in the area along with local businesses. Your workplace may also shut down. Children will have to be kept at home, which will disrupt work schedules if your workplace is still open. People in general will fear going to malls, stores and restaurants. Truck, train and other vehicle deliveries may be disrupted or stopped completely because drivers and operators fear the virus.

The community as a whole will suffer. In some cases, whole communities may be quarantined. All this because of a possibility, but everyone should err on the side of caution, because to do otherwise may cost you your life. Life will be disrupted and you need to prepare for these disruptions.

Local authorities will make rash decisions, decisions to prevent the spread of the virus. People today can be court ordered to seek treatment for contagious diseases that pose a public health risk. It is conceivable that local authorities will ramp up efforts to make sure anyone suspected of having the Ebola virus is quarantined or incarcerated, call it what you will.

If you live close to a major airport, you can expect warnings or alerts to possible Ebola carriers entering or passing through your community, this is inevitable. Someone on the aircraft is going to believe someone sweating, coughing or generally looking sick has the virus. Tweets will go out, and panicked Face Book postings will pop up everywhere. People will talk, and soon rumors are everywhere. People will have fear like they never felt before, and this will create problems within the community.

People will be hyper-vigilant and will be reporting anyone they believe to be sick, or is a stranger in the community. Then there are those that believe the virus has been manufactured by man and is being let loose upon humanity. Some people will become dangerous because of their beliefs.

Many of you have been preparing for this type of crisis for the last few years. However, you must also be prepared for the effects created, by just the thought of the virus being in your community. You will have to deal with the reaction of other people, possibly violent reactions.

See previous articles on what the Ebola virus is and how to protect you and your family. However, for now prepare for the panic it will cause. The primal fear in people will be real and it may be deadly as well.

Experts will deal with the outbreak. You have to deal with the repercussions. You may experience shortages of home medical supplies, because people will essentially clean out the stores and pharmacies of their medical supplies.

Emergency essentials are not disaster specific generally, but when dealing with a deadly virus you may need additional supplies or equipment.

To err on the side of caution you want to make sure you have fresh common household bleach for disinfectant, oral thermometers, hand sanitizer and bar soap, paper towels for hand drying, face masks/face shields or glasses, medical gowns and quality medical gloves for your hands as well as medical booties for your feet. Personal cleanliness is as important now as it has ever been.

You should be prepared to shelter in place. There is no point in trying to flee to another town or city, because the same fears and problems will be there as well. Ensure you have enough essentials to survive in your home for an extended period, up to three weeks in some cases, if there is a compulsory quarantine, or some sort of travel restriction in your town or community.

There is absolutely no need to panic, think through the problem, and take the steps you know you need to take to protect you and your family.

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Top 9 Deadly and Dangerous Plants to Avoid

Deadly Plants

When people think of deadly plants, they conjure up visions of Amazon rainforests and other far flung destinations. You would be mistaken to think that deadly plants don’t surround you in North America and Europe. Some of these plants are so toxic they can kill in minutes. Some look like common herbs. The key to avoiding death by plant is knowledge and the ability to identify which ones are deadly and which are safe for consumption. With that being said check out this excellent video below by Vsauce2 to learn about some of these top deadly plants.

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14 Tips for Building a Survival Farm

Survival Farm

What things do you consider when you set out to start a homestead? What things are important, what things can be thought about later? Any survival homestead is going to need land to grow food, quality water, and even a means to generate power. In setting off on a journey to start a homestead you must consider all of these things.

What good is land if there is no access to water? What good is water without tillable land? Proper planning will result in avoiding headaches that could be very costly down the road. Even worse, some mistakes can be deadly. While plugged into the world, we can overlook missing certain aspects of homesteading, but what if the grid goes down? While a completely self-sufficient homestead is the ultimate goal, every little tip that makes it easier to get there is a plus. There is lots to think about. Here are 14 tips to get you thinking.

Read more at… 14 Tips for Building Your Survival Farm

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