Prepping: Predictions and Planning

 Prepping Predictions and Planning

Humans are considered apex predators in the animal kingdom because they have the ability to reason, to plan and to control their environment to a certain extent. Humans do have the ability to predict possible future events based on facts in the present. Certain other mammals can only react to their environment and not control it.

Humans stopped being prey when they realized that all they had to do was to stop using the same path to the river every day. Hungry predators stalked the paths and humans soon changed their thinking and their habits. They began predicting an animal’s behavior and developed weapons to slay the animals. Humans began to control their environment. They built shelters as protection, lived in groups, and eventually learned to grow their own foods instead of migrating every season in hopes of finding more food.

Keep Looking Ahead 

Frankly, no one really knows what would happen during a doomsday event. Who has lived through one that can shed some light on what to expect? It is all conjecture, a prediction if you will, based on facts in the present.

People lived through the great depression, the dustbowl and other natural and manmade events, but those disasters would pale in comparison to a nuclear war, (a war where there was an attack and counter attack) or even a complete collapse of the power grid. The scale of a disaster today would be immense in comparison because of technology.

There are glimmers however, of what might happen, based on previous natural disasters, disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy. The natural disasters were predicted by experts, and based on other events in the past people had somewhat of an idea of what to expect.

Of course, in both Katarina and Sandy the effects of the storms where underestimated to the point people suffered and died as a result. Why no one predicted, (or failed to mention), the levies could be breached is one example of not using the facts today to predict what might happen tomorrow. There was ample evidence prior to the storm that would lead anyone to conclude the levies could very well give way under certain circumstances, and yet everyone seemed surprised when they failed, and no one was prepared for the possibility.

How Does This Effect Today’s Preppers

Information is at your fingertips. If you live in the shadow of a volcano, for example, you prepare for it and you prepare for other events that may happen in the meantime. If you live in tornado alley, you prepare accordingly, keeping in mind other events that may occur as well. You begin to control your environment by predicting possible future events based on information available today, once you know then you plan.

You have to predict, then plan, and each plan is different, you may love the idea of having a radiation suit hanging in the closet but what does the information at hand tell you. If you hear hooves pounding the ground is it a horse or a zebra, you know the answer if you know your environment.

The point is you prepare for what is likely to happen to you and your community. You prepare for the effects, the aftermath thus, what caused the crisis stops being relevant, but the effects of it are front and center.

You cannot stop the calamity you can only control your response after it happens. You are in control, not the conspiracy theorists, not the loud mouth in the coffee shop or at work, it is you in control and you can predict, plan and follow through if you are paying attention.

The entire point of this article is to get you to start thinking about what is most likely to happen. Blaring headlines may catch your attention, but some if not many of these outrageous predictions in the headlines simply have no merit.

Articles that advocate common sense and levelheaded thinking are not always the most entertaining to read, but the turtle wins the race against the hare more often than not. As a Prepper, you want to win the race, and more importantly, you want to be able to stay in the race.