Reloading: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Handloading for your Rifle

Rifle Ammo

Here is an excellent video I found letting you know what is involved and some of the  expenses you may incur in getting started handloading your own ammo.

Skip to points if you don’t want to sit through the whole video:

Intro: 0.00
Reloading Presses: 0:58
What happens when a cartridge is fired: 1:25
Why Handload?: 2:35
Reloading Dies: 4:51
Lubricating Cases: 10:12
A few basic case prep tools: 11:35
Calipers and Scales: 13:49
Powder Measures: 15:00
The components of a Cartridge: 16:22
Case tumbling: 17:01
Quality Control of brass: 18:39
Installing your shellholder and Resizing die: 19:41
Sizing Cases: 20:52
Trimming Cases: 23:06
Checking for fit in the rifle: 29:19
Priming: 29:36
Throwing Powder: 32:35
Setting up your seating die: 37:25
Seating bullets: 39:00
How to set your seating die to copy a round you already have: 43:11