Without Threats and Fear Humans Would not Have Progressed.

Threats and Fear

So many threats, so little time, and for some the threats may seem overwhelming. However, keep in mind that ever since humans first appeared on this earth there were threats. Without threats and without fear however, humans would not have progressed.

It was the fear of four legged predators that forced early humans to develop weapons to counter the threat. Humans progressed, and then became an apex predator instead of prey. It was fear of the dark, of storms and fear of the cold that led early humans to build better shelters, and more permanent ones.

Fear of starvation forced humans to learn agriculture, so instead of traveling to where the food was growing wild, humans learned to grow it where they were living. The nomadic tribes learned to settle in villages and change their environment out of fear.

Early humans adapted, overcame, and conquered their environment in large part, but they also realized that nature was not to be toyed with. There was a natural order to things, early humans studied it, worked with it and progressed forward alongside it.

It was fear of deadly diseases and illness that lead to advancements in medicine. Fear is a motivator, and if you do not have some fear, then you are not motivated to protect yourself and your loved ones. You will not be ready for the threats if you do not fear them.

Where Are We Today

Today, unlike 10,000 years ago the average person cannot go on the hunt and eliminate perceived threats. You cannot hunt down criminals or others that are a threat, or you think might be a threat at some point. You, unfortunately have to maintain a defensive posture and wait. Wait for them to strike first, and in some cases it will end badly if you are not ready.

However, this is how the system works, fair or not, like it or not, it is what it is, so you have to adapt and work alongside the system. You have to be prepared and you need information, so you can change your plans, add this, take away that, and always be ready to formulate new strategies, adapt your plans as new information becomes available.

Is There a Target on Your Back?

You have to reduce your profile so you are not an easy target. We all are targets in America, and we always will be a target. You cannot stop it, but you can reduce your risks.

First, know what the threats are, the real threats, and the ones that can be prepared for. You cannot defend against or prepare for a super volcano that will wipe out 90 percent of the population in a matter of weeks.

You cannot get ready for a pole shift that puts Florida where the North Pole used to be. Stop using outrageous conspiracy theories as blinders to the real threats. People sometimes like to talk about the outrageous as a way of deflecting their minds away from the real threats staring in the front window. You have a headache so smash your toe to get your mind off it is the thinking of some instead of dealing with the headache, which could be dangerous.

Start paying attention to where the nuclear power plants are in this country and determine if they are a threat to you, right now. Are the reactors in your state close to a fault line, for example? Any nuclear power plant is a target for someone, and it does not have to be from someone overseas.

A natural disaster could cause a catastrophe in a matter of minutes if there is a nuclear power plant in your area. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact, and you have to deal with it, by knowing your area, what is in your area and where can you go if a power plant melts down.

How close are you to a military installation, National Guard unit and how many federal government buildings are there in your city or town, all targets, and all could be detention centers, as well, during Martial Law, or used to detain overseas fighters if it ever came to that.

Symbolic structures and celebrations are always a target, so think before deciding to go to the ball game or to the Mall, or some tourist attraction that draws large crowds. Like it or not you have to have the fear in you, and know what the threats are before you can progress, and once you begin to move forward you are moving toward being better prepared.

Worry About What You Can Do, And Not About What You Cannot Do

You cannot fret over a comet the size or California striking earth, it is pointless, and it cannot be prepared for. If it happens it does and then no one has any more worries. Deal with what is in front of you such as the water shortage in California, and the deadly bird flu killing off the chicken and turkey populations. These threats will affect everyone, and you have to prepare for the outcome, the days after if you will.

Worry about the financial stability of the country and the world. Worry about North Korea and its rabid regime that has control of nuclear weapons, worry about the Iran deal. Gather information from reliable sources, and then make your plans.

Use common sense and do not get caught up in the fear mongering and conspiracy theories. You have more to fear from the bird flu wiping out the poultry businesses in this country than you do from Jade Helm 15.