Bug Out Bag Too Heavy? Well Maybe You Should Stay Put Then.

Bug Out Bag Too Heavy

What you think you can carry and what you actually can carry are usually two different things. Typically, you should be able to carry 25 percent of your body weight in a pack. This of course assumes you are relatively fit. Some simple math calculations will tell you how much you should be able to …

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13 Ways to Keep Your House Warmer This Winter

Warm House in Winter

With record lows expected this winter and the average cost for heating your home on the rise, finding ways to keep your house warm and save a few bucks at the same time can be a godsend. By using the tips at the article below not only can you save some money, but they will …

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Wood Ash and Its 10 Survival Uses

Wood Ash Survival Uses

Wood ash is nothing more than the burnt remains of wood and the ash typically represents about one percent of the initial wood weight. The composition of wood ash is nitrogen at very low levels, calcium carbonate at between 30 and 40 percent, and then 10 percent potash. Do not collect wood ash for survival …

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ESEE 4 Survival Knife Review

Esee 4 Survival Knive

Before we get started if you are looking for a “Rambo type knife” with sharp curved points with wicked looking Jimping on the back of the blade, and a bug-out-bag sized hollow handle, that houses a tool kit, medical kit, compass, matches, thread, hooks and spearmint gum you probably should stop reading.  Jimping by the …

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5 Basic Survival Skills You Can Practice In Your Backyard Now

Backyard Basic Survival Skills

Most of the survival reality shows would have you believe that you could awaken one day to find yourself in the middle of a jungle or in a vast wilderness area with nothing but the clothes on your back, and with shoes in some cases. You may be expected to survive with nothing more than …

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10 Survival Items to Scavenge from Abandoned Vehicles

Scavenge Abandoned Vehicles

Stripping Abandoned or Disabled Vehicles for Survival Gear and Materials Only on a survival reality show would you expect to find an abandoned vehicle sitting along a wilderness path or crouched in the middle of the desert. However, if you had to bug-out from an urban area because of a crisis you would find a …

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Caching Survival Supplies in Cold Weather: Things to Consider

Caching Survival Supplies

This article’s intent is to get you to think ahead, so you do not find yourself having to cache survival supplies in the ground in the dead of winter but if you have to there are ways of doing it. The ideas and methods described are not ideal but can be accomplished. The freezing depth …

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Locating 5 Potential Food and Water Sources before the SHTF

Potential Food and Water Sources

Thinking Outside the Box Locating Potential Food and Water Sources before the SHTF For the sake of this article, some assumptions will have to be made. First, assume that normal supply chains would collapse once the SHTF. This means that semi-trucks, railcars, private vehicles and aircraft cannot be used to transport goods. Grocery stores would …

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How to Recognize 5 Common Lethal Deer Diseases

Deer Diseases

Deer are one of the most common game animals across North America, and like people, they succumb to many diseases. With deer season upon us it is important for hunters to be able to recognize some of the common diseases that plague deer. These diseases are generally not contagious to humans, but if a local …

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Harden Your Home against Intrusion

Harden Home Against Intrusion

Typically, most home doors open in. The door is attached to a frame using hinges that hold the door in places with pins. The advantages to this type of door is cost, ease of installation and the hinges are on the inside making it impossible to remove the hinge pins from the outside, and thus …

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