5 Survival Uses for Cotton Swabs (Q-tips)

Cotten Swabs Q-Tips

For cleaning your ear canals right, well doctors do not recommend you put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Q-tips and ear canals do not mix well, because you can rupture your eardrum, and besides, ear wax plays an important role in protecting your ears. Why do they have two ends then, for …

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Preppers: How Well Suited Are We for Different Environments


Somewhere along the evolutionary trail the human brain became bigger. Bigger brains meant less physical work. We were able to fashion tools, weapons and build things like shelters. This meant we needed less physical attributes, because we could think and reason and to some extent figure out what the future held, by events occurring today. …

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Water Security When Living Off Grid

Water Security Off Grid

Going off grid is the desire of many Preppers, and some have successfully done just that. It requires planning and hard work however, and furthermore, it requires you keep an eye on the future. Some Internet bloggers and self-proclaimed survival experts predict a so-called golden hoard. Some believe, and possibly there is some credence to …

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Top 10 Survival Uses for Plastic Bottles


1.) Fish Trap This works best with a two liter bottle because of the size. First, cut the top off to create a funnel. Then you cut the threaded neck off to create a bigger opening in the funnel, or leave it in its original state depending on what size fish you want, or expect …

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Where Should You Store Your Emergency Water If You Live in an Apartment

Emergency Water Storage Apartment

It’s not as easy as it may sound either. Water weighs approximately 8.5 pounds per gallon, which means that you have to choose where you store your water carefully. It would not be hard to imagine a shelf collapsing under the weight. Five one gallon jugs of water would weigh slightly over 40 pounds, and …

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5 Survival Uses for Tobacco

Survival Uses Tobacco

First, smoking and using tobacco products is detrimental to your health. Nicotine is a potent parasympathomimetic alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants (Solanaceae) and is considered a stimulant drug. Nicotine can be toxic to humans and to insects/parasites. Nicotine is found in the leaves of Nicotiana tabacum, the tobacco plant. At one time the United States Military provided cigarettes in rations that were issued to …

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Home Emergency Kits: The Basics

Home Emergency Kit

If you do any kind of research online you will find you need, or it is suggested you need, a bug-out-bag, an Everyday Carry kit (EDC), a wilderness survival kit, possibly a action bag at the office, and of course a survival kit for your vehicle. To top the list off, you would need an …

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Preppers You May Not Be Able to Do That in Your Backyard

Preppers Backyard

The following are just a few of the things that may require permission, or permits to do in your own backyard if you live within a municipality, city, or county that has certain residential codes, policies or laws enacted. Composting Did you realize that many states have regulations concerning backyard composting or composting in general? …

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Bug out Bag: Is the Term or Use of The Phrase a Passing Fad

Big Out Bag Fad

It is possible, but this is an opinion only, that the term “Bug-out-bag” has seen its best days behind it. However, realizing the need to be prepared is actually gaining steam among the American populace and around the world. In reality you would probably not bug out as it is defined by most survival articles …

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Bug Out Bag Debate: Tarp or Tent for Emergency Shelter

Bug Out Bag Tarp or Tent

Bug Out Bag Debate: Tarp or Tent for Emergency Shelter A Bug-Out-Bag Is Designed For Emergencies, So Some Inconvenience Is To Be Expected When on a family outing, you can carry a six or eight person cabin tent in the back of your vehicle. Weight is not a large factor when you can pack your …

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