What a Former Soldier Carries Everyday: EDC Explained

Everyday Carry EDC

People can spend all day imagining possible situations they could find themselves in and then try to come up solutions and items to carry so they can counter the situation or threat. This can become an endless cycle, of what ifs. The unimaginable can happen to anyone at anytime, but how likely is it to …

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How To Make a Secret Soup Can Safe

Secret Soup Can Safe

Protecting valuables in some sense is an art. It is a delicate dance between you and a would be burglar. There are many methods of safeguarding prize possessions, from delay to subterfuge. It is truly all about time, though. A big heavy steel safe works by delaying a would be burglar long enough to be …

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10 Awesome Uses For Trash Bags


The ubiquitous 55 Gallon black garbage bag was designed with a one purpose, one time use in mind; to contain garbage and get it to the dump. It’s a shame that millions upon millions of these bags end up with the same fate. Some lucky bags find themselves in the hands of preppers. These bags …

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Water Can and Will Kill You Once the SHTF

Dripping Water

Water that has become contaminated by human waste and by other means can create over time as many deaths as the crisis itself. First, let us start out with a few facts. The following facts are gathered from around the world. Roughly, 783 million people do not have access to safe water on a daily …

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8 Military Bug Out Vehicles You Can Own

Photo Credit: TinHatRanch.com

Transportation will be sketchy in a grid down situation, roads may become dangerous, and if the situation prolonged, impassible. The typical Toyota sedan has no place on the roads during hostilities. Many of you have a “bug out vehicle”, everybody wants one. While there is no definition in the old Webster’s dictionary, a BOV must …

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3 Quick Tricks to Keep You Warm Using a Common Car Sunshade

Car Sunshade Tricks

Have you ever slept outside on the ground in the winter? Very few of us do so by choice. To be comfortable in your shelter requires a warm sleeping bag, but perhaps more importantly, isolation from the ground. Sleeping with your body directly on the ground, even in a sleeping bag, will quickly sap both …

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Shotgun Versus Handgun for Home Defense or Do You Need Both?

Shotgun vs Handgun Home Defense

A combat veteran was asked once if he preferred a handgun to a long gun for his home defense. His response was he always carried a pistol so he could fight his way to his rifle. This of course is not advice on what to do as far as home defense weapons are concerned. The …

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20 Bug Out Location Considerations

Bug Out Location

A dream for some, a reality for others, owning a bug out location is on every prepper’s list. When the prepper twinkle first lights in your eye you begin to access the situation, for most, statistically speaking, we live in the cities or suburbs. These might not be ideal locations in which to find yourself …

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Keeping Your Diet Right When the SHTF


This article is not necessarily a plan, but more of a reminder that during a crisis, much of your focus will be on food. Lack of food during a crisis or at any time is detrimental to your physical as well as mental health. People look forward to meals and waking up in the morning …

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Cyber Terrorism: We All May Be Living Off the Grid Soon

Cyber Terrorism

Sony Pictures has been hacked, and people are breathless as they pour over the leaked emails and other personal information. People love a scandal, but how the emails and other information were obtained, should scare everyone in the country, and make them think twice about what the future holds. As people devour the juicy details, …

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