Drone/Thermal Evasion Cloak

Thermal Evasion Cloak

Drones are soon to be everywhere, spying on your every move. Drones use thermal imaging to “see”. Thermal imaging “sees” the heat given off by the human body. If you can mask or obscure the signature, you can become invisible to drones, much in the same way wearing camouflage works to the human eye. No …

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Prepping: Predictions and Planning

Prepping Predictions and Planning

  Humans are considered apex predators in the animal kingdom because they have the ability to reason, to plan and to control their environment to a certain extent. Humans do have the ability to predict possible future events based on facts in the present. Certain other mammals can only react to their environment and not …

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Prepping: Knowing The Enemy

Know your enemy

  There are numerous articles on the Internet about so-called prepping strategies that are nothing more than smash and grabs. The plan is straightforward, and according to some they will let others do the heavy lifting, and then when the SHTF the geniuses would swoop in and take what they need. Is there a new …

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10 Non-Power Tools You Need for Survival

Hand tools

Have you thought about how you would make repairs to your home if the grid went down, or how about cutting that tree down without being able to use a chainsaw. Gas and electricity might not always be available, so having hand tools that our grandfathers used is a must. So check out this excellent …

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Sagewood Gear Scout Carry Sheath Review

Sagewood Gear Scout Sheath GSO 5.1

Once you unpack the Scout Sheath, you will immediately realize it will last your lifetime and you can pass it down to the next generation, and it will last another lifetime, yes, it is that kind of sheath. What Is a Scout Sheath All About? The Sagewood Gear Scout Carry Sheath features a unique Pivoting …

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Preppers: A 90-Day Review

Preppers 90 day review

  The facts, as they are today can change, so tomorrow you may have a different set of facts, thus you must adapt. This means the plans you had developed based on one set of facts is now obsolete. You have to evaluate and adapt constantly or otherwise you may be caught off guard during …

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Situational Awareness: Staying Safe in Today’s World

Situational Awareness

  Anticipate and Adapt   Simply put situational awareness is being aware of what is going on around you. Start with anticipation. Do you realize that many retail stores close off certain entrances/exits at night? Imagine you park your car and start walking toward the door you typically enter, only to find it closed. Do …

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How to Make an EDC Duct Tape Keychain Fob

EDC Duct Tap Keychain Fob

We all know how many uses duct tape has in a survival situation, being able to carry some on you every day could come in pretty handy. So today I’m going to show you how to make this simple (EDC) every day carry duct tape keychain fob. All your going to need for supplies are …

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Prepping: Operational Security (OPSEC)

Operational Security

  When, where, how and how many. How often have you posted your prepping plans on a social networking site, how many times have you emailed your intentions to others. OPSEC is keeping you, your family and your supplies safe. You have to be aware of what and who may be around you at all …

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5 Reasons You Should Carry a Pocket Knife

Pocket knife

Why You Should Carry a Pocket Knife Pocketknife, jackknife, penknife call it what you will, and there are some differences between all types, but typically they all fall under the heading of “Jackknife” defined as a knife with a folding blade. In the past, most people, typically men and boys carried a pocketknife. They may …

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