6 Survival Uses for Salt

six survival uses for salt

Salt and Its Uses in A Survival Situation Salt is a mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride and it its natural crystalline form it is known as rock salt. Salt is essential for all animal life, and this of course includes human life. Animal meat, blood and milk contain considerably more sodium than does plant …

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21 Projects To Become More Self Sufficient

Solar powered water barrel

If you are trying to live off the grid or just want to become more self sufficient then these DIY projects are JUST for you! These 21 do it yourself projects are perfect ideas to help you survive on a budget and help you become more self sufficient. So check out the link below and …

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Tomatoes: Yes, It is Almost Time for Planting


  In some areas of the country, the last frost may be behind you and if it is, you can now transplant outside any tomato plants that you started indoors. Ensure you know with a reasonable amount of certainly when the last frost date is in your area. Want to know when to plant in …

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Cliven Bundy What is Really Going On


  Is the issue about cattle grazing, the desert tortoise, or the failure to pay grazing fees, or is it the family’s religious affiliation or a combination. It is unclear, but what is clear is the fact the federal government seems quite at ease with using overwhelming force in the face of unarmed American citizens. …

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Char Cloth What Is It and How Do I make It

char cloth

  Most people know it as char cloth but it is also called “charpaper”. Char cloth is made using vegetable fiber and the most common fiber used is cotton but it can also be made from linen and jute. The process to covert the cloth to carbon form is called “pyrolysis”, which is nothing more …

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6 Survival Uses for Charcoal

Survival uses for charcoal

Survival Uses for Charcoal There is charcoal and then there is activated charcoal or activated carbon. Both are the byproduct of removing water and other constituents from animal and vegetation substances. This articles’ focus however, will be on charcoal made from hardwoods and its uses in a survival situation. Activated charcoal can be made from …

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The Best Wilderness Remedy for Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Remedy

If any of you have had poison ivy then you know how miserable it can make you. The guys over at Sigma 3 Survival School are claiming this is the best poison ivy remedy in the world. So the next time you find yourself with poison ivy and nothing seems to work maybe give this …

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Prepping: Getting Back To the Basics

Prepping back to the basics

  The world and or this country can collapse at any time. This statement was as true 10,000 years ago as it is today. This is the world today as it was centuries ago. The planet has always been and currently is, on the brink of disaster. Hurricanes, earthquakes and ensuing tsunamis, volcanoes, civil unrest, …

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Learning How to Escape Restraints and Evasion Tactics

Escape restraints

  In some, if not most cases, a homeowner/occupant is restrained with whatever material is available in the home. This usually means the intruders are not professionals and are adjusting on the “fly”. Professionals would have carried the necessary restraints with them. The typical restraints are plastic zip ties, handcuffs, tape and cordage. Rope is …

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Prepping Security: Covering All the Bases When the SHTF

Prepper security

  The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the typical home is not a defensible structure, unless specifically designed that way. You can of course fortify your home, but once you begin doing that you have already conceded that criminals and other malcontents will be reaching your front door. In a …

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