7 Places to Find Cheap Or Even FREE Prepping Gear

Cheap Prepping Gear

Sometimes people buy preparedness gear out of convenience and pay top dollar. Sometimes they buy because they are accustomed to purchasing at certain places. Convenience shopping isn’t always the most economical way to purchase anything, let alone preparedness gear. If you look in these seven places first, you will probably get the gear you need …

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Get Home Bags and Get Home Plans during a Crisis

Get Home Bags and Plans

There really is no right or wrong bag (s) or plans. There is only what works for you. Before getting started however, do a quick threat assessment. Start with the known threats, for example, is it hurricane season, tornado season, is it wintertime where blizzards and ice storms would be a threat and is flooding …

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Grid Down So How Do You Pump Water from Your Well

Hand Well Water Pump

We have talked about the need for private wells in previous articles, because in a SHTF scenario, you need a water source that you control, and the source must be reliable. If you depend on your local municipality for water, you will be without water in a grid down situation or even worse, your local …

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Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket

Rothco Concealed Carry Jacket

Rothco takes this tactical soft shell jacket to the next level. Not only is the outer shell waterproof the inner layer is breathable fleece making it ideal for cold weather tactical training, hunting or for any outdoor cold weather activity. Specifications: 2 Interior Mag Pouches 2 Interior Concealed Carry Pockets w/ Hook & Loop Closure …

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Escape and Evasion: How Has Eric Frein Evaded Police for Five Weeks

Escape and Evasion

Moreover, What Does This Have To Do With You, a Prepper? Frein, 31, is suspected in the September 12 ambush shooting that left one Pennsylvania State Trooped dead and another wounded outside the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Blooming Grove, about 25 miles Northeast of Sweetwater. Since the September 12, shooting Frein has managed to …

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Everyday Carry (EDC) It May Be Time for an Upgrade

Everyday Carry EDC

Obviously, you cannot carry everything with you as you go about your daily routine. The things you might possibly need or the things you want to carry could fill a good-sized backpack, so you have to choose carefully. You want items that can be used for multiple tasks instead of trying to carry multiple items. …

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How To Use Swimming Pool Water In An Emergency

Emergency Swimming Pool Water

In a disaster water may become scarce. Luckily for some, swimming pools dot the landscape in people’s back yards. Have you ever wondered if this water is safe to drink in an emergency? What about the chemicals that are added to keep the water clear? Find out how you can use a swimming pool for …

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8 Winter Weather Preparedness Tips for The Home

Winter Weather Home Preparedness Tips

Heating Systems First, if you heat with gas or wood appliances of any sort you will need to ensure they are operating properly to protect you and your family. Poor efficiency means higher heating bills and less comfort in the home as well. Your main concern is carbon-monoxide leakage into the home. Heating oil, natural gas, …

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Sheltering In Place: Staying Alive During a Pandemic

Sheltering in place during a pandemic

Sheltering In Place and Isolation May Be the Only Way to Stay Alive During a Pandemic People it seems cannot stay put, even when their actions may endanger the life of others. Dr. Nancy Snyderman, a medical expert that works for NBC News was in what is called voluntary isolation because of her contact with a …

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Will Ebola Bankrupt Hospitals and Destroy Obamacare?

Ebola Bankrupt Hospitals

According to Bloomberg News, the cost for treating the late Mr. Duncan for nine days could be as much as 500 thousand dollars, that is half of a million dollars. The treatment according to the hospital is around 1,000 dollars per hour. This does not however, include the removal and destruction of contaminated medical waste …

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