When the Grid Goes Down It Will Likely Stay Down For an Extended Period.

Electrical Grid Failure

Hyperbole is an exaggeration or an overstatement, in other words a headline grabber when surfing the Internet. Imaginations run wild and people come up with all sorts of doomsday scenarios, because the world is a dangerous place. In some cases after reading this type of headline and skimming the first paragraph or two, you realize …

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Your Money Is Not Always Safe With Banks


Preppers: Your Money Is Not Always Safe With Banks In Particular Online Banks A cost comes with technology, and in some cases, the cost is tremendous. You can now use your Smartphone to do banking online, and people love the idea. This is convenient and a customary practice today and some simply do not know …

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Top 5 Guard Dogs to Protect You and Your Preps

Top Five Guard Dogs

In a SHTF situation, man’s best friend will play many roles. In addition to his role as a loving family member, the dog might be expected to guard, track, and even attack. Some dogs excel at being high pitched yelping warning devices and not much more. Some dogs just don’t have defense in their nature. …

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Preppers: 5 Things to Ask Your Doctor

Prepper health

Preppers: Staying Healthy Is Important If you are not reasonably fit, survival tasks will be more difficult to accomplish during a crisis, if they can be done at all. Our physical activity levels will increase during a disaster, because we all have become accustomed to having power equipment to do many of our tasks for …

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10 Tips for Canning Over a Wood Fire


Many of us enjoy canning. We feel that canning is an essential skill that will help preserve the harvest should the grid ever go down. Throughout the year we happily stand by the stove and put our delicious treats into jars for later enjoyment. Did you miss that? The stove part. How many of you …

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Preppers: Five More Things That Will Kill You during a Crisis

Prepper Deaths

Preppers: You May Survive the Crisis But There Are Things That Will Kill you if the Disaster Does Not In any SHTF scenario, you have the days leading up to the crisis, which you may not be aware of, the crisis itself, and then the days after. If people receive a warning of pending doom, …

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5 Things Preppers May Need Help With: Why Networking is Worth It

Prepper Networking

There Are Some Things You Will Need Help With When the SHTF You are probably familiar with the phrase “It is not what you know, but who you know”. Today if you cannot treat yourself medically, for example, you know who to call, or where to go for help such as to the emergency room. …

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10 Preparedness Items Under $10

Preparedness Items under 10 bucks

When times are tough we sometimes forget about preparedness. The important thing to remember is even baby steps move things forward. For those that have an “all or nothing” attitude, this can be detrimental to overall readiness. Even during the leanest of months we can usually scrounge up five or ten bucks for something. Here …

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42 Flowers You Can Eat

Edible flowers

Giving someone flowers will take a new meaning in a grid down situation, you will probably be too busy (most of the time) to pick flowers just for aesthetics. If the flower serves a second purpose, say a flavoring for food, maybe you can enjoy them for just a bit before they go into a …

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Is a Water Crisis On the Horizon

water crisis

Preppers: Is Water or Lack Thereof a Possible Doomsday Scenario in This Country More than 3.4 million people in the world die every year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes. Poor sanitation due to lack of water, and lack of education about diseases, creates a cycle that spreads diseases throughout a community. More people than …

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