5 Ways to Sharpen a Knife Without a Sharpener

Ways To Sharpen Knife

A dull knife is dangerous, but sometimes you end up with a blunt blade out in the field. If you find yourself without a sharpener you are still in luck. This video shows you 5 ways to sharpen a knife with common everyday items. It is surprising that if you understand the mechanics of sharpening …

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Night Time Patrols: Guarding Your Perimeter

Night Time Patrols

For the sake of this article, it is assumed that you would have a small unit of friends/family helping you guard a Prepper compound, home or complex of some sort. If you are by yourself or are limited on personnel then it is not likely that you would be out patrolling and leave the home …

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Preppers: Why You Need a Vacuum Sealer?

Preppers Vacuum Sealers

According to one major manufacturer of vacuum sealers the average household can save up to $2,700 a year by buying bulk food items on sale and by eliminating waste, due to spoilage when you use a vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealers can extend the life of certain perishable foods up to 5 times longer (FoodSaver, 2015).  …

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Prepping Your House for the Winter Cold

Prepping Home Winter

It is winter and yes it comes every year. You should expect cold weather, but this year it seems extreme cold is reaching further south than normal and the cold is creating problems for those not prepared for its effect on their homes. In northern areas of the country homes and business are constructed with …

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Bushcraft 101

Bushcraft 101

Learning the art of bushcraft is not only great way to gain valuable survival skills, it is also a great way to put those skills to use. There is nothing that will test your resolve better than taking your pack, a few tools, and heading out to survive only off the land. By doing so, …

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Bugging Out the Basics

Bugging Out Basics

The following article is not a plan, it is however, designed with the hope of getting you pointed in the right direction. It seems that many articles about survival and bugging out make declarative statements. In other words, according to some, if you do not do this or that then you will die. This may …

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How to Make an ARC Welder

Arc Welder

Things are, without a doubt, going to break in SHTF. Tools, farm implements, and even vehicles that are still functioning will suffer mechanical damage. When two pieces of metal brake, you are going to want to join them back together and one way of doing so is through welding. If you don’t enter SHTF with …

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The Importance of Knot Tying In A Survival Situation

Survival Knot Tying

Skill is what will save your life in a survival situation, and often times it is the simplest of skills that you have, which will be the most useful. Most of us already know how to tie a simple knot. We learned how to tie our shoes at a very early age, and possibly even …

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The Importance of Personal and Area Sanitation during a Crisis

Personal Sanitation

Concerns include the spread of diseases caused by human contact and contamination of food and water. Dirty hands will spread contaminates to food, water, and contact surfaces throughout the home. Just because the water supply is disrupted does not mean you forgo proper sanitation, in fact you need to be even more diligent during a …

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Wilderness Survival Basics Continued

Wilderness Survival Basics Continued

Some people when they find themselves lost in a wilderness environment believe they can walk themselves to safety. In some cases you can of course, but the point is, if you know how to get back to civilization then you are not lost. Lost means you do not know which way to go, or how …

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