4 Things You May Need to Know During a Crisis

Working Chainsaw

For some, the list of things they do not know how to do, but may be required to do during a crisis can be quite long. For others, some of the tasks are old hat. Where you live, how you were raised and even your occupation influences everything. Those that live in cities would not …

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Prepper Journal: Ramblings and Musings About Your Security

Situational Awareness

Given the recent and not so recent events in the world, the desire to hunker in a bunker is understandable. Does it make sense however, and will it increase your chances of survival if you fortify your home to the point it turns into a bunker. Once you start putting up fencing topped with Concertina …

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Could You Evacuate Your Home in the Middle Of Winter?

Evacualte Home In Winter

When you research online about bugging-out the pictures associated with the articles or blog entries usually shows the person humping along a path or roadway free of snow. Do the articles talk about bugging-out in deep snow, in frigid temperatures, when there is a baby strapped to your back, when you have elderly relatives trekking …

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Your Life Your Survival Your Responsibility or Is It?

Self Sufficiency

We pay taxes, and thus we expect something in return, but what exactly. The tax system is so muddled that most of us no longer have any idea of what to expect from our government. What exactly are our taxes that we work hard to pay being used for, do we know, do we care, …

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Prepping: Can It Lead To Hoarding?

Prepping Can It Lead to Hoarding

Prepping could lead to hoarding for a very small percentage of people. However, as with any condition described as a disorder there are varying degrees. We all probably “hoard” to some extent, but most of us would never get to the point where we would be eligible to get on the reality show Hoarding: Buried …

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Even More Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food

As if you needed any more reasons to start growing and raising your own food, Chipotle restaurants have now given you one more reason. Chipotle restaurants are noted or want to be noted for using organically grown foods. Obviously, the growers cannot use commercial fertilizers and still call their product organic, so they typically use …

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Where Should You Be When the SHTF?

United States Region Map SHTF

While people are asking themselves this very question, the “online experts” are telling you where you should be once the SHTF. The problem is you do not currently live in any of the “safe areas” that they recommend. There are, of course, areas that for whatever reason would be better suited over other locations, but …

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Dealing With Dead Bodies When the SHTF

Dead Bodies SHTF

It Is Something We Have To Think About Once the SHTF It may be something we have to deal with during any crisis, and let us all hope it is not someone we know, or is a family member. That being said, there are precautions that we will have to take to protect ourselves against …

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Underground Bunkers: Are They Suitable For Long Term Survival?

Underground Bunkers Long Term Survival

Going to ground, or underground as the case may be, has been a survival tactic since humans began roaming the earth. Underground is, and has been, the preferred way to protect humans from aerial bombs, radioactive fallout, from chemical attacks and even from certain biological contaminates. Underground bunkers however, are not perfect, and they are …

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Duct Tape: Its Survival Uses Are Nearly Endless

Duct Tape Arrow Fletching

Duct tape is cloth or scrim-backed pressure-sensitive tape usually coated with polyethylene. Powdered aluminum pigment gives traditional duct tape its silvery gray color. Duct tape, as most know it, is traditionally gray or black, but today it comes in multiple colors. How It Got Its Start During World War II, Revolite, at the time a division of Johnson & Johnson, developed an adhesive …

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