Time to Inventory Your Emergency Preparedness Kits


Most of you realize that you cannot simply pack an emergency bag and then forget about it. Therefore, it is important you pick a time to accomplish the important task of keeping your kits updated. Updates to ensure you are always prepared. Choose a time and it can be every 90 days, every six months …

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Russia Doesn’t Need To Invade the United States


Russia is like the neighbor from hell. You know the kind. The type of neighbor that builds a tool shed 12 inches over your property line, and then dares you to do something about it, or the type that blows all their leaves onto your property and just smiles and says so sorry my mistake …

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Rocky S2V Provision Jacket and Pants

Rocky S2VProvision Jacket That Includes the S2V Essentials Kit As any outdoor enthusiast knows, your clothing is your first line of defense against the elements. Clothing is shelter against the cold, rain and snow and not having the right outer layer can spell disaster. One major drawback with a heavy outer coat though, is the …

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15 Uses For Bubble Wrap You Never Thought Of

Bubble Wrap Uses

A knock at the door reveals that package you ordered online a few days ago. You retrieve the package and carefully cut open the packing tape. Inside is a bunch of bubble wrap and your widget. After all of the excitement simmers down from the new widget, you have to do something with the packaging. …

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LED Light Bulbs: Cost Effective, Solar Friendly

LED Light Bulb Comparison

LED Light Bulbs Really Are Cost Effective Especially If Using Solar Power While they may seem expensive to some, if not to most people, LED bulbs are however, cost effective, and they will pay for themselves over time. You can also purchase LED grow lights that have an extended bulb life and they do have …

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How To Replace Damaged Roof Shingles

Damaged Roof Shingles

Your roof is the most important part of your house.  You can ignore maintenance on many other home systems for years and probably not suffer serious consequences.  Not so with your roof.  A roof leak will quickly destroy your home and turn it into a rotting decayed moldy mess.  You should not only have spare …

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Sunjack Waterproof LightStick

Sunjack Waterproof Lightstick

You cannot have too many lights in an emergency and when something happens you want a light that is charged and ready to go. Regular batteries in devices can leak and they can lose their charge even when the device is not in use. Worrying about whether your devices have fresh batteries or not is …

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Preppers Making Your Own Survival Rations

Prepper Survival Rations

You have probably heard of “Hardtack” but do you know what it is made of. It is simply flour, water and sometimes salt. In years past in particular during the Civil War salt was difficult to obtain because of blockades and the fact many people simply lacked the money. Flour however was available because farmers …

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13 Survival Uses for PVC

Survival Uses PVC

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is one of the most, if not the most, widely used plastic piping today. It is relatively inexpensive, comes in various diameters, and can be joined together with solvent and PVC cement. Because of the various diameters, and the fact it is impervious to water and decay, PVC pipe is ideal for …

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Springtime Means Dangerous Weather Is a Possibility

Tornado Season

Spring arrives every year and along with the warmer weather comes the possibility of dangerous weather to include flooding. A Few Facts Floods are one of the most common and widespread of all natural disasters, and more than half of all flood victims were in a vehicle that was swept away by floodwaters. Being Prepared …

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