Slingshot Hunting

How to Hunt with a Slingshot for Survival

Getting lost or stranded in the middle of the wilderness is a real case scenario for which every outdoor enthusiast should be prepared. Such an event could happen to you when you’re hiking through a new path, mountain biking over a trail, or out camping with your family. And no matter the amount of food you take with you, eventually it is bound to run out. When that happens, living off the land can make the difference between surviving or starving in the woods.

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Compound Vs Recurve Bow: Which is The Best For SHTF Scenario?

“So I don’t know much about archery, but I’m planning on taking some lessons soon… I believe it’s a great skill to have in any SHTF situation. However, I’m not sure which bow to use between the compound and recurve bow since I’m planning to use only one for now. What would you advise me to use?”

This question – and many others of the same nature – have been flooding our inboxes over the past month. Many folks who have just realized the benefits that come with using archery for SHTF are confused on the right bow to invest in for SHTF use.

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Dog Bugging Out Companion

10 Reasons Why a Dog is a Perfect Companion for Bugging Out

When you are in danger, it is natural to get stressed. However, the way you handle your stress and respond to the danger make a huge difference to whether you will come out a winner. And, your odds improve if you have a well-trained dog at your side. So if there is a bug out situation, you definitely want a dog at your side. It will give you peace of mind and also ensure you come out unscathed from the SHTF situation.

If you are skeptical about taking a dog as your companion for bugging out, here are 10 reasons to allay your fears and change your opinion.

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Surviving Long Term SHTF

Surviving Long-term After the SHTF

As preppers and survivalists we’ve trained ourselves hard. We’re continually working on acquiring the knowledge and skills that can help us beat the odds and survive a catastrophic event. We prepare for the worst, while planning for long term survival. We know that there may be a few harrowing months, or even years, that will require extra attention, grit, and endurance. However, we also have to consider that in the case of a SHTF event there may be some rebuilding and restructuring that needs to come after. Planning for long-term survival (think years and decades) needs to be a part of our preparations as well.

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Lock Picking

Why Preppers Should Learn Lock Picking?

We as humans all have this innate desire to preserve our lives, to survive. But what begs the question is how can we ensure this preservation that we seek? What action can we take? The fact is there is only one path to self preservation and that is to invest, to provide for our future. But where specifically should our focus be in terms of this investment? Most attempt to fulfill this by means of financial success and financial security. The problem with this method is it’s dependent upon a societal framework based on rules and structure. But what happens when one day this structure dissipates and money can no longer be used as a means of securing food, shelter, and protection.

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Secret Bookcase Door

How to Build a Secret Bookcase Door

I think that the idea of building a safe room with a secret bookcase door was long ago inoculated in my mind … probably when I was a child.

But now I find it more practical than ever. My food reserves, water, my AR-15, my ammo and other things are finally stored properly without anyone suspecting it. On top of that it’s nice to know that in a crisis I have a place to hide in case I’m outgunned by looters. Although, this is probably not the best example. It’s just nice to have a hideout for you, for a loved one or for something you value.

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Better Shooter

5 Habits to Make You a Better Shooter

This is a guest post from Josh Bennett at

With the price of ammo increasing and shooting ranges becoming less available due to the expansion of our cities and increased restrictions it’s becoming harder and harder to learn to shoot let alone become proficient or even expert. Proficiency requires hours of training, to be expert is a completely different can of worms. Both require hundreds of hours of practice and thousands of shots. Just try achieving pistol mastery in your midtown apartment and see what happens.

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