Concealment Shelf

How To Make A Concealment Shelf

By now we’ve all seen the companies that make concealment cabinets. Concealment cabinets are designed to hide valuables, firearms, or other things you want to keep away from thieves, but they do so in plain sight, usually in a decorative way.

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DIY Zero-Electricity Air Cooler From Plastic Bottles

Have you ever heard of Bernoulli’s principle? It’s a cornerstone of fluid dynamics. Without an understanding of fluid dynamics the modern air conditioner wouldn’t be possible. Ah, the modern eclectic air conditioner, some can argue it is the greatest invention of the twentieth century. Viewed by some as a convenience, in truth, it has made places like the American southwest hospitable.

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Chicken Pasture to Plate

Lost Arts: Bringing a Chicken from Pasture to Plate

There are many skills that have been lost over time.  Things your great grandparents did in their daily lives that are now left to machines in some far flung factory.  Many of us raise chickens, but how many of us take them from pasture to plate? 

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Gray Man Strategies

Gray Man Strategies 101

How much thought have you given to how you might act, dress, or move during a period of civil unrest? Are you going to project the appearance of a victim? Are you going to be wearing tactical pants, Oakley’s, and combat boots? There are many out there that feel that not being noticed at all will be the ticket to survival. We are talking about the “Gray Man”.

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How to Develop Your Situational Awareness Skills

One of the most important parts of preparedness and survival (or surviving emergencies) and one of the major keys to keeping yourself safe is Situational Awareness. For those of you that don’t already know, Situational Awareness is when you are observant of your surroundings and are aware of what’s going on around you at all times.

Developing your situational awareness skill set will not only bring you better insights in the present moment, but will also help you assess resources and hazards in your everyday surroundings and community.

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Detecting Drones and Weather Radar

How To Detect Drones, Predict Weather, and MORE Using a NooElec SDR USB Dongle

Sometimes the most unlikely device can become a valuable prep. There are many clues to what is going on around you, if you are listening. All sorts of devices from friend or foe emit radio waves, the problem is, you can’t hear them. We’re not necessarily talking about radio, like AM or FM, but all sorts of radio.

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Warm Feet Boot Hack

Cheap & Easy Tip to Keep Your Feet Warm

“Cold feet” at an important milestone in life is quite common.  Cold feet in a survival situation can be deadly.  As the mercury dips below freezing, an exposed body can initiate natural defenses to attempt to keep you alive.  The body will shift blood flow towards the core, leaving extremities to fend for themselves.  This leaves hands and feet vulnerable to frostbite or worse.

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How to Make Hardtack: An Inexpensive and Long-Lasting Survival Food

Hardtack the History

Hardtack, or “hard tack” is a simple biscuit or cracker made from flour and water, and when salt was available to the makers it was added as well in years past. The recipe has been used for thousands of years. The Romans made hardtack as well as the Egyptians, and usually the flour and water cracker was issued to soldiers. 

The biscuit, or cracker if you prefer, was and still is, used today for sustenance in the absence of perishable foods. The name hardtack is derived, according to historians, from British sailor’s slang for food, which is “tack”, and of course, because it is very hard it is referred to as hardtack.

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DIY Survival Shoelace Fire Kit

Firecord Shoelace Fire Kit

Having a spare fire kit on you is always a good idea, so why not carry it on something that you have with you everyday, like your shoes. Not only is this a great way to keep a spare fire kit on you without adding any extra noticeable weight but if you replace your laces with 550 Firecord you will also have useable paracord and a very hot and long burning fire tinder.

So grab your favorite pair of hiking boots, a mini ferro rod and some Firecord and check out this great video below by David from ultimate survival tips to see how you can make a pair of these laces for yourself.


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Bullet Primers

DIY Ammo Primers for Handloading

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The Second Amendment represents our Founding Father’s attempt to acknowledge our natural right to keep and bear arms. Try as it might, the current administration will attempt any method possible to curtail our ability to exercise that right. Many methods on the table are taxing ammunition, stripping the right from the “mentally unstable” (whatever that means), and environmental regulations.

Because we traditionalists are defending an immovable position from an onslaught that never runs out of gas, at some point they will win, lest they become eliminated themselves. If they do win, we will be forced to arm ourselves in the shadows with homemade components.

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