Two Is One and One Is None: Do You Believe In Redundancy

Redundancy is often times called the best backup plan. Nevertheless, there are limits to just how many items you can carry, because you fear one may become lost, broken or in some cases, is not the exact tool or material for the job.

Where Redundancy Is Important

Survival packs for each member of the group or family is important. If a member becomes separated from the group or family that person needs the supplies, tools, and materials to survive independently of the group. It would be easy to imagine a family or group dividing supplies in various packs based on how much a person can carry. The older or bigger members may be tasked with carrying the water or food supply because it is heavier. The younger children would of course carry the lighter supplies. This method only works if everyone ends up in the same place at the same time.

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Water Pasteurization: What We Know

Water Pasteurization

We here have written extensively on water purification methods, and one method bears writing about again, because it is an important method that some of you may not be as familiar with as you should be.

Certain survival shows have shown water pasteurization, and for the most part, have depicted the method correctly. With that being said however, the shows typically have the stars using plastic bottles or even snake skins that are placed close to the heat, so as not to melt the container (s). There is a better method though.

The traditional and mostly foolproof method of water purification is rapid boiling of water for at least one minute at sea level. At sea level water boils at 212° F, and at higher elevations, it boils at lesser temperatures because of the reduction in air pressure, and thus, would have to boil longer.

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AquaBrick Water Filtration System

The AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System by Sagan™

Having access to clean drinking water and having a system in place to filter contaminated water is an important, if not the most important aspect of prepping. Regardless of how much water you stockpile using a reliable and clean source before the crisis; you have to plan for the eventual depletion of your water source. 

This means you will have to collect and purify a source, a surface water source that may very well be contaminated.  The AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System is ideal for anyone needing a way to eliminate contaminates from water to make it safe to drink in any survival situation or emergency. With aging water pipes and contaminates from the pipes themselves it is important that you have a system in place to filter even your very own tap water.

Remember Flint Michigan and other municipalities. Your tap water can become contaminated at any time for any number of reasons.

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Olight S30R Javelot

The S30R Javelot and i3S-CU Limited Edition by OLIGHT

When I pulled this one out of the box, it yelled quality, which is hard to find these days regardless of price sometimes. One of the features I immediately liked is the magnetic charging base, which means you can pull it from the charger one-handed if you have to, no cables to deal with. Its things like this that can be a deciding factor for me sometimes.

The magnet is strong enough so that you can mount the base on uneven surfaces, and the light fits snug so it will not fall out of the base even if you do have to charge it on an uneven surface.

Having the ability to charge using a USB cable is another great feature, and it would pair up well with a small solar panel, which could be attached to your backpack as you hike. You could charge it in your vehicle if you have a USB port, as well, as with many of the portable battery packs and converters on the market today.

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Hiking Boots

Does the Weight of Your Hiking Boots Make a Difference

There is no question that weight slows you down when hiking, and where you carry the weight while hiking, makes a bigger difference than you may have realized.

In 1983, the United States Army conducted a study titled “The energy cost and heart-rate response of trained and untrained subjects walking and running in shoes and boots” (Army Research Inst Of Environmental Medicine, 1983).

The study found that a very small increase in the weight of your shoes added up to a significantly higher expenditure of energy when walking. The adage “one pound of added weight to your feet equals five pounds of weight on your back” may be credible. The weight of your hiking shoes or boots can make a difference.

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Volcano Grill 3 Grilled Burgers

Volcano 3™ Collapsible Grill/Stove Review

I wouldn’t necessarily categorize the Volcano 3 as a survival stove, though; it could be used as one. The reason being is the weight. At 25 pounds, it would be difficult to pack in a survival kit and tote around the backwoods. We can call it the perfect Prepper stove however.

This stove is capable of providing you and your family three meals a day for as long as it takes during any crisis or emergency. I like that it collapses to five inches with a quick snap of the wrists. It is ready to pack away in minutes after you have let it cool down, of course, and remember to be responsible when disposing of hot ashes from a wood or charcoal fire, and never use this stove in an enclosed area even if you are cooking with it using propane.

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Cat Tourniquet and Israeli Bandage

Israeli Bandage and the CAT Tourniquet Why They Should Be In Your Medical Kit

In an emergency, you may very well have to administer first aid to others and to yourself. It may be a matter of life and death. Rapid loss of blood from a severed artery is fatal if the bleeding is not stopped within seconds in some cases.

Having the right bandages and the right tourniquet in your field medical kit and knowing how to apply them both can be a lifesaver.

Arteries and Veins

Arteries carry blood from the heart, so if an artery is severed or damaged in some way, the heart is literally pumping blood out of the wound. While on the other hand, veins carry blood from various organs back to the heart, and so the blood is not under as much pressure as it flows through the veins, because it is not being pumped directly from the heart.

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JD Dutra Dark Ages 2020

JD Dutra’s Dark Ages: 2020 Review

It’s not often that when you’re reading a book that you stop for a second and go, “Wait, is this happening right now? In real life!” Well I found myself thinking that one too many times in JD Dutra’s Dark Ages: 2020. This is the tale of a Secret Society that sets out to initiate their plan of a “better world”. We follow a cast of extremely relatable characters in their attempts at keeping a “life” together amidst all that’s going on. There’s also something very dark and disturbing lurking in the shadows of the story that brings an element of mystery into the plot, for a very enjoyable read.

A New World Order has devised a plan: To wipe out majority of the world’s population, which enables them to bring about a new era of their design. This isn’t the first time either, the same group was responsible for The Black Plague. Which in turn resulted in The Renaissance. Their ties are global, their history is ancient, and their power is unmatched. To make matters worse, the president of the United States is starting to have his doubts about the entire plan itself.

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Benefits Fishing Polarized Sunglasses

The Benefits of Fishing with Polarized Sunglasses

First, what do polarized lenses do, and then we will discuss the benefits to anglers.

When light is reflected from a smooth surface such as water it is what is referred to as “horizontally polarized”, which simply means instead of being scattered in all directions, it is more focused in a horizontal direction, which causes intense and sometimes dangerous glare.

Polarized lenses block this type of glare or reflected light. When wearing polarized lenses, even on cloudy days you will notice the haze or halo is reduced or eliminated as well.

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camouflage netting

Camouflage Netting: Do You Need It

There are two schools of thought when it comes to camouflage. In one camp, you have those that believe that camouflage netting is a red flag, you are hiding something obviously, so further investigation is warranted, which no one wants. No netting means that no one is the wiser, nothing to see here, so move along is the thinking of some.

The second camp scratches their head, however, at this statement, because, you do have something to hide, and the whole concept of netting is to make things appear as if nothing is there.

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